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    Default Re: Limpet ate my fly line.

    I've caught bass in a location already mentioned but they have all come at night to lugworm, and this is the only consistent place I know . Fishing in the daytime just does not work in that location, and lots of anglers have tried spinners there and catch nothing. As Laxdale says the numbers up North are probably not there yet. It's only 15 -20 years since anyone caught bass up here. There is one location I have caught bass in the daytime by flicking a lugworm 5yds out - that's where I will head too.
    The maxcatch switch line is good; I've got barrio switch for the salmon and they stand up against them. Maybe not quite as supple, but weight wise I can't see any difference.
    An old fisherman with a house on the water at St Magaret's Hope told me he had seen mullet in the bay? I suppose they must be visitors occasionally.

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    Default Re: Limpet ate my fly line.

    There have always been bass right around the Hebrides and mainland Scotland.....mono nets set the populations back somewhat.

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