I am making another trip to the UK in May/June this year, and whilst there would like to get in a couple of days just Bass and Pike fishing. The tackle I have is much too light for this, and as its only for the odd trip to the coast maybe twice/three times a year on holiday, I did not want to spend lots of money on a new Rod and Line. Also I must be able to pack it into my check-in bag.
So I have ordered the Blackwater telescopic fly rod and a 9wt sink tip line. The rod a 9ft two piece (butt section and tele top from the photos) is rated at 7-9 so I thought this would be OK for what I needed, and at under 20 quid it can't be bad. The thing is I have never seen or used one of these rods, and can't find any reviews on it. Has anyone had a cast with one, and can give me their impression. I'm not expecting much from it, but if it casts OK and is man enough for the job, that's all I want.