February- 10th- 2019, Week 6

Fly Fishing Isn’t easy, it was never meant to be, there are some that make it look easy, believe me when I say that those are the dedicated true enthusiasts, they probably have fished for ever, plus some. Then there are young lads that have listened to these enthusiasts, have paid attention, are really good and getting better, then there are the guys that use the flies that basically catch anything anywhere, they think they are great anglers, but take away the snakes, wotsits, bunny leech, blobs and stuff and give them a hard day and they really struggle, Fishing in February IN ANY YEAR is really difficult, it is, never easy, that’s why a lot of fisheries close for the winter, but nowadays with some places stocking weekly, also some are carrying a massive head of fish, a lot of guys think that Fly Fishing is just a dawdle, here at the “Goldenloch” we try to cater for lads that just want to enjoy a day, Fly Fishing from a large easy to manoeuvre boats, or from our jetties, complete with built in bum rest for wary knees, hips or feet, or just nice for something to lean against, there is also cleverly placed benches to rest those weary bodies, we never advertise our stocking days, we don’t need too as everyone visiting knows that there are loads of fish in the water, we don’t stock massive fish, basically those are fish that have been selected for fast growth and fed accordingly, any fish caught here that is over a Kilo has reached that size on natural feeding, we also are aware that there are some bigger fish in our water, however they are impossible to catch as they are super fit, Natural flies or copies’ of things that can be found naturally is what we like our clients to use, however like everything, there are exceptions and they tend to be older patterns that were used ions ago, most coming here tend to tie there own flies, what we are looking forward to is the warming weather that is due soon in March, since the ice broke in an amazing fashion on Friday, we have had a few fish caught, Terry Haddon had 4, James Grieve 2 all on Montana’s and released, and were very happy, Alec Ferguson had a couple but wasn’t here very long, Andi Hally |Newburgh struggled a bit today Sunday getting 2 and losing a few, Ian Wallace, Woof, Kinglassie had 5, George Duff Leven had 5 with a few lost (soft Takes), Derry fishing with Ian had a hard day, blanking, but for some reason it wasn’t a great day for fishing, not because of the near perfect conditions, but I think because it was a mild night with a massive drop in temperature at daybreak and again at 10 am, and as the day progressed the sun was extremely bright, George Duff commenting that there were more fish moving after 5 pm than there had been all day.

Our remit since 1986 is that fishing the “Goldenloch” is a day out, a day when a hobby becomes a pleasure, anglers come to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, no interruptions nor unwanted background noise, quality fish in pleasant surroundings, abundant wildlife, Finest hard fighting, top quality fish guaranteed, boat or bank you decide. Phone 01337840355 or 07968006367 ask for John or look up Postcode KY14 6HZ