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Secchi- 4 feet Temperature 6 Degrees Oxygen - High

April-08th- 2019, Week 13

So another week has passed, it’s now the second week in April, Easter is a upon us, usually this is what herald’s the start of the fishing season, the warmer weather, the clock changing, gives us lots more light in the evenings which is all good for anglers, what is missing this year is, sunshine, the past 7 days have seen absolutely no rise in the temperature of the water an East, and sometimes a West wind, have kept the first down deep, the stock numbers are high, which means that the fishing should be easy, there are fish rising and it looks like they’re taking something off the surface, what it is it must be very small as it can't be seen from a boat or the bank, Alex Ferguson fishing at night got himself a lovely little brown trout, as did Tom MacArthur plus two rainbows in total bag of 10, Sunday wasn't that much better, the forecasters said that the temperature would rise, however the sun never got out from behind the clouds, it was cold all day, but the fish did start to rise in the very late afternoon not much good when everybody's gone home, just watched the forecast this morning and it looks like warmer weather is coming.
Been reading fishery reports and is very disappointing that so many fisheries allow anglers to fish with any types of Lures and bait flies, so one chap hooked himself with sweet corn lookalikes, sweet corn should be a complete no no in any fishery it is unbelievable that there seems to be no regulation at all as to how and what anglers can use, FLY FISHING is supposed to be a challenge that’s part of the mystique, the satisfaction gained in understanding the parameters’ that it takes years to learn, fly technology has allowed some guys into believing that they are great fly fishers when they aren’t, it is really sad.
We do however have a bit of bad news, one of our swans, last year swans, has a broken wing, it has to be put down, known as a cob the male swan, which has been here for approximately 14 years and his partner, the pen, who is now sitting on a nest for this year's cygnets, which will probably hatch in about 6 weeks, the pen is very aggressive towards last year cygnets, yesterday there was a massive swan fight, which resulted in one of last year's cygnets getting a broken wing, basically the cob sees last year's cygnets as a threat to his pen, and this year's cygnets he is determined that the cygnets should up and fly away, they seem to have other thoughts as the feeding in the loch is plentiful and obviously very tasty, today the SSPCA were here to try and catch the swan with the broken wing, I have a very sensitive feeling towards this one just now, as I have a broken wing, loll, the thought that someone would catch me and put me down is daunting, I am getting used to using my left arm, hand, it's not easy and doing these reports which used to take Half an hour, now take quite a bit longer with a lot of corrections.

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