Mid-season report @ “The Goldenloch”, we are now halfway through 2019 Fly Fishing season, and if I was being really honest, this is probably the worst season I have ever experienced, never before have I seen such low temperatures both in the air and water, insect life or rather hatching flies is more or less non existent, very occasionally something happens, but it's insignificant compared to what should be happening, nature can be an evil force sometimes and it has to be getting driven by some force, be it the wind or air currents, the birds (wildlife) are having a really hard time as well, if you look small birds are struggling to find insects, damselfly hatches, which have started are nothing like what they should be, small white flies and black flies that normally cover the loch are just not there, the water temperature did rise to 14/15 degrees, this was in early April, however it has dropped back to 13.5, so what does this mean, it means that the fish are now really deep, luckily this year at the Goldenloch we have a massive amount of shrimps, snails, pee muscles, blood worms etc there is also huge hatch of sticklebacks, all this is good for the fish, however it is really bad for fly fishing in that anglers who come here hoping to catch fish on dry and wet flies are really struggling, fish numbers in the loch just now a massive, the reason being I keep putting in more hoping to stir up the fish that are already in the water, today Friday 14th June we were out surveying the loch to try and find out why the water is still slightly coloured as the wind is a lot less changeable and we were stunned to see the fish were actively stirring up the mud on the loch floor with their snouts, at this time of year the loch surface should be covered in empty buzzer shucks and its not, so far its not a great season but nature has a great way of turning things round I am sure it will happen. However I see that some places are having a bumper time with “World Championship anglers having amazing catches” and yes it’s true, “Words fail me” that such an esteemed body of men are fishing where there is little or no natural fly life, and fishing for giant pellet fish, please can you post the catch numbers And flies used I am sure the fishing fraternity would love to know how the Professionals do it.