Goldenloch Fishing Report 2019 Phone; 01337840355,07968006367
Secchi- 2 feet Temperature 14 Degrees Oxygen – Medium-High

June-17th- 2019, Week 22

The fishing is definitely improving, however I have now seen the TV programme about the lack of insect life, and I can only but agree that this year has been terrible for the environment, even while cutting the grass normally the mower would be covered in bugs but this year nothing, damsel flies which are usually flying about in droves are just not there, we do have a lot of ladybirds’ which is a bit odd, at the loch however yesterday there where flies on the water and that is encouraging, so why has this happened, well it can only be the constant east wind and cold air but it isn’t half spoiling the fishing, today we have been pulling weeds all day or rather Andy Halley has and he is absolutely amazed at the insect life that is in the weed, unbelievable, absolutely everything that could be is in the pulled weeds from shrimp stonefly larvae, mussels and blood worms etc, so his efforts have seen a dramatic improvement at the loch, apart from the obvious weed removal by pulling them out the tannins which were colouring the water have nothing to rest on now and are massively reduced, Sandy Drummond Kings kettle out fishing looks to be having a pretty good day and in an hour or so I saw him catch at least 6

Fly Fishing is a Pastime, it is not only relaxing, but also rewarding, come to the “Goldenloch” enjoy your Hobby to the max, no stress, only tranquil surroundings abundant wildlife, great fish, Brown, Blues and Rainbows, you will not be disappointed. Phone 01337840355 or 07968006367 ask for John or look up Postcode KY14 6HZ