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Thread: Time for Change

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    Default Time for Change

    Goldenloch Fishing Report 2019 Phone; 01337840355,07968006367
    Secchi- 3 feet Temperature 19 Degrees Oxygen – High

    July-15th - 2019, Week 26
    We have a massive problem just now with stickle backs, but we are waging an all out war on them, thank goodness they are not on the protected list, nor that the “Goldenloch” is registered as a site of interest, but this is an ecological disaster and its not just here, so we need a plan, I have come up with a 3 idea plan, starting this week, 1 and 2 are relative simple ideas but 3 is very extreme, but is the one that will work however it is a bit whacky, seriously though this problem this year is pretty much just going to get worse, next year could be a complete disaster, not wishing a repeat of a recent club visit here and their absolutely atrocious stinking attitude, all bookings for July have been cancelled by phone, on that point vouchers and gift tickets issued before 1st Jan 2019 will not have a use, recently a whole lot of photocopied vouchers were presented, so we having to do some serious changes now, and for future years, the first is to admit that we took the wrong decision in thinking that anglers wanted a top class place to come and relax, enjoying their pastime in as near to a natural fishing, using as near to natural flies that are available, what it seems like they want is big easy to catch Piggy’s, so big fish it is for next season, and starting as from now, the ban on wotsits, snakes, squiggles, and all the other horrible things is no more in force, sad, but a fact that there are just so many guys that rely on these to catch fish, as for the big fish if only anglers knew what happens to these fish to make them into Pellet Pigs, I would doubt that any Piggy’s ever get eaten, selected from large juveniles’, they are injected with stimulants at a very early age, then fed at their demand for the next two or three years, high protein, growth promoting pellets and that’s how its done, its all artificial in a controlled environment, most of the stuff is oil based and not nice, its banned in most other forms of husbandry, It is a well known fact that these fish are pretty easy to catch as several chaps that catch them easily have come here and not performed very well, but the fishing here just now isn’t that bad even with the small fish, with very few lads blanking, one really big mouthed guy who was due to pay, spouted off and I believe has done so else where, stating that he had blanked on four outings, on checking, yep he had blanked the last time he was here, but it was in a howling gale, definitely he wont be back. To-day Sunday, an early morning angler on the water at 4am had 11 fish, all returned by 8.00 am, he also lost a few, Stewart and Ewan 4 fish in 2 hours, enough, too much hot sun, that ended their day, David Wilson and David Kyle in the blistering sun had a good time, with a few lost D W 1, in the bag but hysterety levels were at an all time high, however the past week has been not that bad OK so the fishing isn’t what it should be but the relaxation and peacefulness’ is great, Brian Kemp I think had 3, Neil Christie I am sure had 2, Derek Robertson 3, Brian Stewart 10, Sandy Smith 2, Grant McGregor 4, A Drummond 3, Steven Scobie fishing with his girlfriend Tammy both had 2 each, plus lots of others not recorded in the book. It just is annoying that anglers do not appreciate the effort that goes into keeping weed free margins, a good healthy stock, clean working boats, weed free water, all they want is to complain for the fact that they cant catch fish mmm , The Golden Rule here is enjoy your day and relax in the original tranquil surroundings - Tight lines - Time for change

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    Default Re: Time for Change

    I'm stunned, GoldenLoch sounds just the place I would enjoy if I didn't live hundreds of miles away. I love reading the fishing reports and and always feel a twinge of envy of those who fish there.
    Some people should give up fly fishing and take up shooting rats in a barrel as their chosen sport.
    I do hope I get the chance to pay you a visit next year when I go off on one of my jaunts.

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    Hi Mr Bumble tried hard to make it work however so many fisheries in Fife and so many guys putting masses of cash into them with loads of big fish its them thats taken all the customers its just become a hard market,
    people have forgotten about just fishing for pleasure its a numbers game or fatties, the nail in the coffin this year is the massive and i mean huge hatches of stickle backs and they are eating all the fly life ecological disaster

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    Default Re: Time for Change

    Never mind

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