Goldenloch Fishing Report 2019 Phone; 01337840355,07968006367
Secchi- 3 feet Temperature 19 Degrees Oxygen – High

July-17th - 2019, Week 26

Sticklebacks are a scourge and can just keep multiplying forever but they do get a disease that kills them, it’s a parasite that affects the breeding if any one in the UK knows of stickle back deaths please get in touch at

The effects of sticklebacks on a fishery are devastating as has happened here, I do know that we are not alone in what is happening, yet the other places fail to do something about this, they fail to notify the angling fraternity, however a lot of people do not understand what damage is being done, firstly the young juveniles’ are what look like pin head fish, they hatch from nests where thousands of eggs are laid, on hatching they feed furiously in the water on hatching flies and insects including bloodworms, almost everything in the water, everything that a trout would eat and this is what destroys the fishing, fortunately here at the “Goldenloch” we have a massive other source of food for the fish, being shrimp, snails, mussels and this has be proven and confirmed by 20 + anglers asked on cleaning the fish that the contents of the stomach be notified back to me and 100% confirmed same, the trout however do not eat these little pinheads aggressively, rather they graze on them as they aren’t that tasty due to the spines which are there but very small, so why are there fish jumping everywhere, well they are being forced to feed on the loch floor and this was the reason we had dirty water as the mud and loch floor was continually being stirred up, all the fish are doing is cleaning their gills.

Fly Fishing is a Pastime, it is not only relaxing but also rewarding, come to the “Goldenloch” enjoy your Hobby to the max, no stress, only tranquil surroundings abundant wildlife, great fish, Brown, Blues and Rainbows, you will not be disappointed. Phone 01337840355 or 07968006367 ask for John or look up Postcode KY14 6HZ