Goldenloch Fishing Report 2019 Phone; 01337840355,07968006367
Secchi- 3 feet Temperature 20 Degrees Oxygen – High

July-29th - 2019, Week 28

So these past few weeks the fishing has been pretty horrific, although some guys have done reasonable others have not, the reason being the massive influx of Sticklebacks which I have never seen before, where have they come from, I have no idea, but they are there, not one for sitting on my backside, I decided to try to fix this new situation, which I now believe I have done, having a lot of work on putting it all back into shape, even to the point of thinking on doing what some other fisheries have done, by putting in mega big fish and watching the acclaim as in on the next day, seeing lads catching same, but that’s not “Fly Fishing” is it, its just plain old catching, a bit like tossing balls in a bucket at a fairground, you are going win sometimes, and it doesn’t really take much skill, challenging it isn’t, in the words of anglers there is nothing better than matching the right Fly with the conditions and fish, So what’s been happening here at “The Goldenloch”, well firstly, I have been trapping thousands of adult Sticklebacks, in several traps that can be easily bought online, I must say it is very effective and satisfying to find full traps, but very quickly and distinctly noticeable the numbers start to decrease, at the same time the trout can be seem rising again, birds start feeding over the water, a sure sign here at “The Goldenloch” things are improving, today Sunday, empty traps “WOW”, what is that about, another attack to get rid of this pest has been with the destroyer, which again can be bought online and set up, it sucks up all the wee the wee fish {pinheads}, munches them and spits them out, again very effective, an area with literally millions of pinheads, now has nothing, as you will note I am sharing this info with other fisheries as I feel that this is good for the sport, if others want more info, please get in touch, the introduction of perch which is done, will see a natural solution to getting rid of these little pests as they the perch love to eat the pinheads, but by far the most effective control was the “Electro Fishing”, I bought two machines, but only used one as it is / was Brutal, in that apart from killing several trout and stunning loads more, it totally wiped out hundreds of thousands of pinheads they just turned over and sank. A few guys saw me using it and were impressed by its effectiveness, but it is pretty good at killing stuff, small stuff, so I had to limit its use, Andrew my fishing guru, has pretty much said that it will be hard to get the fish that are feeding on the snails and shrimp to start taking flies, but a I have a load of new fish going in on Tuesday 30th July of 1 kilo rainbows, which I hope will be a good start, unfortunately this for a good few means paying to fish again, as for the last 6 weeks I have not been taking any money from lads that offered to pay before fishing, instead I asked that they put in the box a £5 for every fish caught, but loads of guys insisted on paying and to them thanks for the support, a few “Golden Tickets” have been handed out, but many didn’t and they still had a good day, I will say that every person bar 1 has enjoyed there days fishing here, I have been thinking about what I said the other week and there is a fishery that I think does things petty near perfect and that is the “Newton Farm” John Callison puts in large fish, not massive pellet pigs, but fit hungry large trout and they themselves will be great predators, he also nets them into his water, a task I often thought futile, but now see it as a proper way to introduce trout to the water, in that by dumping the water onto grass, he prevents eggs and young juveniles of unwanted species getting into his fishery, well done John plus I know the hours you put into clearing weeds, here the water and weed situation is well under control, I have good water albeit 20 degrees but the oxygen level is great, the weeds are where I want them to be see the drawing, but I need to remove some, which will get done after this hot spell passes, so what is next well I think another load of fish next week and we will be up and running again, complete removal of margin weeds are important as this is where the pinheads hide, if my dumper driver turns up this will be done, Oxygen levels all over the loch are pretty near perfect with 8 > 9% o2 dissolved, being really good, when you think about it we as humans live on 11>12% o2 in air, the only down at the moment is the water temperature at 20 degrees, and the ospreys coming nearly every day.

Fly Fishing is a Pastime, it is not only relaxing, but also rewarding, come to the “Goldenloch” enjoy your Hobby to the max, no stress, only tranquil surroundings abundant wildlife, great fish, Brown, Blues and Rainbows, you will not be disappointed. Phone 01337840355 or 07968006367 ask for John or look up Postcode KY14 6HZ