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    Default Newhouse fishery North Lanarkshire

    Anyone know anythnig or has fished Newhouse fishery in north lanarkshire? passed by it today but entrance was closed over by temp fencing possible works closed dunno,searched the net and all i got was the planning permission on the councils site,used to be an old water reservoir,from the maps doesnt look very big but not sure hmm.

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    Default Newhouse

    Not fished it yet, anyone got a report ???



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    Angry newhouse fishery

    i have fished this place about 5 or 6 weeks ago.its only opened saturdays and sundays. its full of fish. the only problem is that rab lets bait fishing and spinning.

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    has this place got a website or anyone got any more info on it?

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    Default newhouse fishery

    this fishery does not have a website. you can obtain leaflets from peggy whites petrol station which is directly across the road from the fishery. i would nt rely on this fishery being opened at the weekend, as i have been let down many of times. i tried phoning last thursday and friday to see if it was going to be opened and no one answered the phone. its basically a hit or a miss.

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    Smile newhouse fishery

    just been up to the fishery today 29/1/11. owner tells me that this fishery will be opened all week as from monday.

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    Smile Re: Newhouse fishery North Lanarkshire

    Piscatorial Greetings... Does any know if this fishery is open for bait on a Monday, how much and is their a tel. no. for it ?



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    Smile NewHouse Fishery - Lanarkshire

    Does anybody know if it is open or have a tel. no. for it ?

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    Default Re: NewHouse Fishery - Lanarkshire

    Might be able to obtain info through google.

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    Cool Re: NewHouse Fishery - Lanarkshire

    Nehouse fishery is opened and fully stocked. Was up yesterday and caught in excess of 30. Cracking fish and some fighters. Just need to get rid of the bait boys and it will be one of the best fisheries around

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