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    Default Re: Another slurry pollution - Clwyd.

    Jesus. That's the next village but one downstream from me, it's a lovely little trib with a population of brown trout, I've walked it all. Probably wiped in these low water conditions. Hot on the heels of another slurry incident from a neighbouring farm a week ago, absolutely infuriating, where the **** is the regulator? In a sodding meeting no doubt.
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    Default Re: Another slurry pollution - Clwyd.

    Quote Originally Posted by taffy1 View Post
    A new season but the "accidents" still happen! River Teifi polluted with 120,000 gallon slurry spill - BBC News
    Don't worry, the NRW will get to them in around 2021 and advise them on not doing it again!!
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