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    Hi guys,

    Fishing for sea trout from the sea is quite popular here on the coast of the Baltic sea nowadays.

    Here are two very nice films about fishing on the Swedish and Danish coast. I would guess that most of the same tactics apply to fishing your local waters too. There's some really good info there:

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    I had a lot of success on the West coast of Ireland, from Connemara up to Mayo.
    I read Hugh Falkus, followed his instructions to the letter, and it all worked really consistently: 3" Sunk Lure, Wet Cel line, 10'6" Hardy Invincible rod.
    Alas, the stocks there simply don't justify the effort any more: that's fish farming for you.
    And I have not had any success in Pembrokeshire. But the bass (more than) compensate.

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    A report appeared on Facebook yesterday that was about a Slovakian guide that had been to Bornholm (not sure if that is correct or not, but it was an island in the middle of the Baltic between Sweden and Denmark.). Lots of pictures of sea trout at varying stages of keltiness, but what the pics show is that the trout should be getting left in peace just now. But I bet it is a great venue in May/June.
    A small group of us catch a lot of sea trout in the sea here on Lewis, with a lot of 3-6lb fish and some bigger. However, Omerta rules as the fish would be cleaned out in no time. But a sea trout in the sea will eat anything that fits in it`s mouth. Worms, sandeels, pollack, coalfish, crabs, gurnards, flatfish, shrimps, etc are all on the menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laxdale View Post
    Lots of pictures of sea trout at varying stages of keltiness,.
    The one on the first link in the post by jawz above isn't exactly rock solid either!
    Stop calling me Bob, it is Mr Middlepoint to you!

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