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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    Now that is what it is all about.Brilliant.

    Best. JP

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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    It doesn't get much better than that. It was an early night for me tonight but after reading that....

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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    That's one hell of a nice fish,
    bet you where well chuffed...well done...

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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    Crackin fish and story beautifully told, we were all there imagining the line whizzin out...great stuff well done
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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    Terrific Fish well done.
    I was reading about the Teign last night, Ann Voss Bark, West country fly fishing. Its a great read.
    I will have to visit the area soon.


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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    Quote Originally Posted by devon flyfisher View Post
    Apologies, I rarely post on here these days, but I thought you might be interested in this cracking fresh fish I caught on the Teign in Devon last week.
    I caught one a few years back, which was larger, but there was some question that it could have been a Salmon (took a photo too quick and released it) so to date, after fishing the Teign for what must be nearly 30 years, this fish pictured is my best to date, no question, this IS a Sea Trout!

    In my haste to return her I did a rough measurement using the landing net handle, returned her to the water, found my tape and measured it at 27'', but if I had actually measured her I'm sure she would have run at around 28'', 8lb approx, but it doesn't matter, I will remember it for a long time.

    On my 3rd cast of the night at 22.15 the 1'' Silver Stoat tube fly was hit hard, she didn't realise she had been hooked initially, and then all hell broke loose, the first run went under the tree roots, luckily she came back out, but wow what a second run, fly line ripped out through the rings, I cut my finger on the backing, all I could do was just hold on, whilst running down the bank in the darkness, then she turned and came back just as quick, I really struggled to keep the tension on, a few more aerial jumps (having lost some fish over the years when they jump I know now to dip the fly rod) and then it was her will against mine, all the time I could feel the nylon scraping the rocks, but I won in the end, and she lives to fight another day.
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    Many thanks for sharing your wonderful catch and, most significantly, release.
    I notice from your picture that the maxillary reaches beyond the back of the eye, which is a good way of differentiating between a Salmon and Sea Trout!, not always easy at night, especially after all the excitement.

    Regards, HH.

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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    Well done, awesome fish. Thank you for sharing.
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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    No one can ever take that moment away from you, it is priceless.
    How many times will you re live that rush and excitement and that humbling feeling of the beauty of the moment that nature shares with us.
    Enjoy the moment for all your days and thanks for sharing that moment with us, it is what dreams are made of !

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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    Wow what a fish! Superb, pleased to see it live on also.

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    Default Re: River Teign stunner!

    Hi all,

    We (my dad and I) are thinking about fishing the Teign next week, conditions look marginally better.

    Does anyone have any advice on which beat, and ideally which pools, we should focus on that are open to day (night!) ticket anglers? Given the low water i was thinking the lower Teign fishing association, but there isn't much in the way of guidance on their website.

    We're completely open minded on where to go, if, say, the Tamar or Torridge are likely to fish better we'll happily change our plans!

    Many thanks,

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