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    Default Sea trout - Sussex Rivers


    I've lived in Brighton for about 13 years but have only recently re-purchased a car. This has got me exploring the lower reaches of the Adur, Ouse and Cuckmere in search of Sea Trout.

    So far I've tried spinning Mepps and Toby's, with no joy other than a school bass from the creek at Cuckoo's corner just after high tide. It's a lovely spot to fish and *looks* like it might hold sea trout but I'm yet to see any.

    So far I've tried:

    Adur: Downstream from opposite Dacre Gardens to Cuckoo's corner.

    Ouse: Southease and Piddinghoe down to Denton island.

    Cuckmere: Tried around Litlington but am wary of straying too far due to reading that Seven Sisters country park has the land and doesn't allow fishing off the bank. Does this apply to both banks anyone?

    Any info on when & where to go much appreciated. Seen loads of mullet but Bass and ST are what I'm really going for. Got the license etc. I'd also like to try on the tube flies but dunno if it's worth it with the water being so coloured.

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Sea trout - Sussex Rivers

    You could try to contact the Ouse angling preservation society.

    Sea Trout Advice and Information – Ouse Angling Preservation Society

    I joined this year but so far have been unable to give it a go. It's going to be mostly spinning and the sea trout are not easy apparently.

    I'd be very interested in hearing anything about this too!

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    Default Re: Sea trout - Sussex Rivers

    The western Rother has a good run of sea trout and I am hoping that the recent rain will encourage them upstream.
    Fly only on our stretch.

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    Default Re: Sea trout - Sussex Rivers

    Petworth and Bognor AC have sea trout run the Western Rother but it’s not easy to fly fish - spinning with a wee Mepps is the usually employed method

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    Default Re: Sea trout - Sussex Rivers

    Just come across your post. I've been fishing the Adur, Ouse, Rother and Arun for sea trout since the mid 80's. The locations you've been trying, although they appear suitable for sea trout tend to be less reliable holding areas than further upstream. Most fishing is done on the Ouse above Hamsey, the Adur above Bramber, and the Arun above Houghton. The Western Rother is a tributary of the Arun and above the tide. Mepps Aglia size 2 & 3 are regular takers. There needs to be a reasonable amount of rain to bring them into the rivers, so give it a go after heavy rain. Get in touch if you require more info.

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