Yes, Skyeman 1, I do agree. The fight goes on. And we must continue it for those who come after us. The Civil Service and SNP ministers appear to me to have closed minds on the matter, but let us all bombard local newspapers and get the B & B landladies on our side before it is too late. However, the story is not all doom and gloom. There are still good sea-trout runs in the River Till in Northumberland (my pals keep catching them on MY FLIES, the toads!) and in South Uist. And if, unlike me, you have shedloads of wonga, in Amhuinnsuidhe too. Our local fishmonger here in Edinburgh sells sea-trout netted off the Berwickshire or Northumberland coast. They are well-fed, healthy fish, fat as pigs - and shamelessly over-priced. I don't buy them on principle, but I do press my nose on the shop window, totally absorbed by their beauty. So let's all fight for this magnificent species.