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    Orvis Superfine Carbon Fly Rod

    I have never tried casting with Cooked spaghetti so I suppose I will have to believe you OMW
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    Orvis Superfine Carbon Fly Rod

    I agree with you about faster rods. My rods include several superfines , Winstons , Scott G , Vision Cults , Interesting you mention the Sage Circa I have that in the 7ft 9 " 3 wt and its an absolute peach. My only other Sages are an old Sp and an XP travel rod . O MW
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    Orvis Superfine Carbon Fly Rod

    I would say you would be fine , I can put a good line out with the 8ft 2 wt they are not a noodle. Just slower and fuller flexing than many rods now. my go to 9ft 5 wt is a loop opti stream, Which is not a fast rod by any means . O M W
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    Orvis Superfine Carbon Fly Rod

    They are lovely rods . Quite different to most these days very much a full action . I love mine I have them in 6ft 6 inch 3 wt , 7ft 4 wt , 8ft 2 wt , and the Superfine touch in 8ft 6 inch 3 wt, You will either love it or hate it . personally I prefer them in shorter and lighter line weights...
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    Staycation - North York Moors

    Hi Scalby beck are not doing day Tickets this year due to the Covid restrictions . Not aware of anywhere else selling Day tickets in the Area I'm afraid . It is a nice area to visit though. O M W
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    Hawthorn Fly

    was walking along the sea cliffs today loads flying about . O M W
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    Casting ability

    I am the Wrong side of 60 now and have fly fished since 13 . Nearly all of my fishing has been rivers and managed pretty well all that time as a self taught average caster . Three years ago I decided to treat myself to a bone fishing trip the double haul was a mystery to me at that point but...
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    River Coquet

    I am in a cottage near the Coquet at the end of May apart from trout what’s the chances of migratory fish assuming we have had rain O M W
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    What do you carry fly and tippet wise for river trout

    I fish local streams from Small , think 8ft to 9ft rod. Using 3 wt and in summer 2wt . Also very small think 6 or 7 ft 2 and occasionally 3 wts . I fish longish leaders generally 12ft to 14ft and prefer building my own , tippet of choice is Preston Reflo power line . Occasionally Rio...
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    The best trout river in the UK

    My Two favourites are the Swale in the Dale . beautiful stunning river set in the most wonderful scenery . Cracking fish interesting varied water . The other is a smallish stream close to home . Stunning spring fed unstocked and wouldn't name it on a public forum... O M W
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    cheap saddles

    I am afraid that the above comments are right. I started tying flies when genetic hackles were pretty much unheard of . I used to find out when the local tackle shop got a load of Indian capes in and search through the lot of them for decent ones. If you are consistently tying 14s ,16s and...
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    Banned from a tackle brand ?

    I bought a maxcatch gold in #2/#3/#4 to try them , Decent lines and excellent at the price . Thought the coating was not quite as slick as a Rio and not a patch on a Wulff TT. But for the money excellent . I bought the Jeremy Lucas 2#wt line of Sunray at Christmas. line casts great has an...
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    River Dove near Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire- any info?

    If you want a decent days fishing then Scalby Beck at Scarborough is your best bet. I would say . Interesting water and stocked and wild browns . About a 30 minute drive from pickering O MW
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    River Dove near Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire- any info?

    Above the Town / Main road bridge its no fishing , Below the Industrial estate it’s Keldholme Fly Fishers . Below them its York , Below that its the Dove and Loskey . As for YDAA it’s stretch of the seven is quite fun and the litt;le beck that crosses the A64 Foston . But no good after a dry...
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    Pocket knifes

    When out fishing or in the countryside yes . O M W
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    River Dove near Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire- any info?

    Hi Downstream from the Kirby Mills Industrial estate it is a private Syndicate . From the Main road down to the Estate I beleive it belongs to one of the cottages although not. Sure . Upstream of the road it is all on Private land and am pretty sure they dont allow any fishing . Day ticket...
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    Ye Olde Enigma EM-G Rods.

    The rod I am referring to is the the Superfine Carbon . A modern rod but with a nice older feel to it . Nice un sanded blanks and a thoroughly fishable rod . I have the superfine Carbon in an 8ft 2 wt and 7ft 4 wt , Also the Superfine touch in 8ft 6 3 wt . I note that you mention Normark ...
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    Ye Olde Enigma EM-G Rods.

    I think there has been a growing appreciation of fishing rods rather than casting rods especially amongst river guys , I have a selection of Winstons a couple of Scotts some older Sages and even a cane job. A rod range that I do rather like as being very fishable are the Orvis Superfines , the...
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    Ye Olde Enigma EM-G Rods.

    I watched that on EBay , heard great things about the rod and blank but never tried one , Honestly though I really need another rod like a hole in the head . There is Something very special about those classic blanks , I use a Sage SP 9ft6 inch 7 wt and the SP 9ft 8 wt for Sea trout . So...
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    Sunray 2wt nymph line

    I use the Jeremy Lucas 2wt line. the Dry fly line from Sunray . Quite an unusual profile . Very thin line great for dries and good for nymphing due to low diameter , Strange profile once you get 20ft of line in the air the profile kicks in and the line really flies,. O M W