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    Hi All, just thought I would ask question to all you out there. When tying a dropper on tippet what size do you use if your tippet is x5. The reason I ask this is I have found using the same size gets tangled easily, so I have been using a lot thicker line for my dropper, tangle free. I've...
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    Windrush river

    Hi All, Taking a trip up to the Cotswolds in a few days thought about having a cast on the Windrush river near Burford has anyone fished it lately ?
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    Sage, TXL-F 4710-4

    Hi All, For Sale TXL-F 4710-4. Mint condition. These are getting rare to find these days comes from the great stable of Sage. Please email me if you need any pictures as unable to post any on site :mad: Price £260.00. this includes postage to Uk only. Regards Saltman. SOLD.
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    Merry Christmas All,

    Hi All, Hope you are all full of Turkey HA !! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year. Managed to get out on Christmas Eve at the club lake, some drizzle dark clouds, then it brightened up for a few minutes, fished a Buzzer nothing change to a Tungsten beaded nymph, bang fish on 2.5lb...
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    Adjustable leaders;

    Hi All, I'm looking for an adjustable leader for rivers, where the depth can vary so much. I know there are loads to pick from, but the one's I like are the braided type but this are fixed and are about 300mm long with different colour braid with beads on. Can you make these adjustable in...
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    Balancing reel with rod

    Hi All, What are your thoughts on balancing your rod with the reel, do many people think this is important ?? Saltman.
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    Replacing Fly rod.

    Hi All, I have decided to sell my Sage SLT 5# 8' 6". Has anyone used a sage x 8' 6" 4# fly rod and if so how do you rate them ? I have heard they are very good rods. Unfortunately unable to sell on forum. Also what reel would you recommend ? Regards Saltman.
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    Sage SLT Fly rod.

    Hi All, I have decided to sell my SLT on an auction site today after a long hard thought should I. Looking to buy a Sage X 8"6' 4#. Has anyone got one and if so what do you think of the rod, before I spend my money. Regards Saltman.
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    Rainbows the best Flies.

    Hi All, The colder months are creeping in fast, luckily I live in the south ! a little bit warmer than up north. my question is what are the best flies at this time of year to catch a rainbow trout, and method in stocked lakes. Regards Saltman.
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    Sage One fly Rod.

    Hi All, I bought a Sage one last year, nice rod but fished yesterday with a fast sinking line a rio line 6#. Felt very grainy when winding in strange feeling. I thought at first I had missed a feral out, but hadn't. I have tried today with a floating line and is has sweet as a nut. ??? Has...
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    Looped Leaders

    Hi, All. Has anyone used these or know were they can be obtained ? Regards Greg.
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    Sage SLT Fly rod.

    Evening All, I've recently bought a Sage SLT #5. I also bought the reel and a spare spool. The reel came with Rio floating line wtf #5 and spare spool with a Rio streamer tip #5. I had a days fishing on Monday, braved the first cold weather of the year, here in Cornwall. I have not used the...
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    Sage 3200 Reel.

    Hi All, Can you obtain spare clickers for the Sage 3200 Reel, if so where from ? Just wondered if anyone has bought spares like this for there reels. Regards Saltman
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    Sage RLP Graphite III

    Hi All, Has anyone got one of these rods and are they any good ?? I understand they are 20yrs old ? Or is it better to get the newer sage rods ?? Regards Saltman.
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    cummings NZ cane fly rod

    Hi All, I've just bought and had refurbished a Cummings cane fly rod, made in New Zealand, I have been informed it could be over 60 years old. Looks great after the refurbishment work. Its 7ft long. Right has anyone heard of this maker ? I bought this rod to use on small stream, rivers. I just...
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    streams and small rivers.

    Hi All, I have just started fishing small streams and rivers that hold brown trout. I'm using a 6ft 7ft rod, 3# weight. my question is how long should the leader be ? and what size, line. a friend has suggested quite thick line tapering down. just wondered if anyone has a opinion's this subject...
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    Fernworthy Dartmoor;

    Hi All, Just returned from a few days away fishing Fernworthy reservoir, and the river Teign. I fished Fernworhty on the Wednesday, nice setting but hard to fish only catched two but lost both before netting. :eek: Does anyone know how best to fish this reservoir. ? Fished the river Teign...
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    Hardy Aln 2# 5ft Fly Rod.

    Hi All, I have been looking at the Hardy Aln 2# 5ft fly rod, but trying to get hold of one seems impossible. Found a site in USA but will need to spend a min 300 dollars. does anyone know where or if this are sold in the uk ?? Saltman.
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    Fly Line

    Hi All, I Thinking of changing my fly lines as they are 3/4 years old. How often should you renew them ? I was thinking of getting clear line, thought this would less spook the fish ? I fish small lakes using a greys 5/6 9ft rod which is great. Have also picked up 10ft in a 8, my thinking is...
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    Cornish Rivers

    Hi All, Does anyone know of any nice rivers where you can have a days fly fishing near st Austell with fish in ? Regards Saltman