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    A few more off the vice

    My Missus thins I have a problem and have become a serial Tier ha ha so I Tied some Goldheads,Red Tag,Black Tag,My Version of a Cats Whisker and a Welsh Fly LLwyd Corff Main 52800992_349232605689263_8649300557678247936_n by David Jones, on Flickr 52608916_244127576498649_25758954688610304_n...
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    6 Nations 2019

    Wey hey Happy Days another WIN for Wales and well Done to the Irish on their WIN Dave
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    Some More off the vice

    Some Diawl Bach's,Goldhead Damsels of my own variety and some home tied nymphs !!!!!! All tied on Fulling mill grubber hooks in size 12's using uni-thread 8/0 wine thread 51620267_2242991742646269_2841529807320121344_n by David Jones, on Flickr 51576604_552568128587813_6146634633401335808_n by...
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    So Ian you have the upper hand Enligten me please Dave
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    Damm Ive been sussed got me YES it was Dave
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    February 2019 Caption Competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Oh for heavens sake hurry up and pass me the bung i.m running out of air
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    A few CDC's off the vice this afternoon all tied on size14's 51973039_365533737366645_2182972537565085696_n by David Jones, on Flickr 51762340_356959231559870_2422158961336647680_n by David Jones, on Flickr 51685738_338181513461100_4201036803618111488_n by David Jones, on Flickr...
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    Preserving fresh Phesants

    BobP Thanks for that ill shake all the salt off them and do it in the back kitchen which is warm and try again Dave
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    Somewhere to stay near to the Glaslyn

    Have a look at the tourist board site for B&b's in the Beddgelert Portmadoc areas I know that Eisteddfa Fisherey has a camp site and Bunglows for renting 13 Porthmadog B&Bs & Hotels from PS38 - Book Now! | Lodging World Alternativly If yuo fancy the River Ogwen in Bethesda ....Ogwen valley...
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    LLyn Ogwen

    Hi I am Dave a 59 yr old Panel beater from Bethesda North Wales,Been fly fishing on and off from when I was 8 fishing my Local river the Ogwen. I predomantly fish the Ogwen Lake and obviously the River I also fish up in Cwm Idwal which is around a mile higher up the mountains from Ogwen.Cwm...
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    Preserving fresh Phesants

    Ive been given 2 Pheasants which have been skinned and are complete Ive used salt on them to dry them up but 48hrs later I went to check on them in the shed and have found water droplets all over this normal or have I done something wrong.This is the first time I have tried this/ Or...
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    wychwood fly lines...OK or not?

    I would rather use string than the Charles Jardine line I bought one recently stretched it as you do loaded it and went to use it what a plile of poo stretched it agian and it still coiled up after a figure of eight stretched it HARD again even had 2 trout in excess of 5lb on it ....binne dit in...
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    6 Nations 2019

    All I can say is A WIN is a WIN for wales good on England and Scotland winning as well Dave