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    Spring International Bewl

    Well done Scotland, a great result. Three in a row?:thumbs:
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    Hello from complete newcomer Essex

    Welcome Bustergrey.
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    Hi everybody

    Welcome friend.
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    Simms freestone waders

    Bought the same waders from the Orlando outlet in July along with boots. Can't beat simms plus a third less expensive than at home....Sweet!!!!
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    Spring International Loch Harray Orkney

    scotland defo second, 10lb behind? ---------- Post added at 07:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:11 PM ---------- nigel burns top scottish rod with twelve fish
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    Spring International Loch Harray Orkney

    When does the match finish! Camshy the prediction is Scotland Wales England Ireland :thumbs::thumbs:
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    Can anyone help me out with a phone number for Julies B&B in Whitwell, Rutland?
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    New SANACC Web Site

    Web Site is great and with competition results updated usually within hours of a match finishing the guys at SANACC deserve a slap on the back. Keep up the good work.
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    The red spots on the brown are cracking and the gold colour of the Grayling is awesome. Fishing looks great, don't fancy wailking up those hills though.:D
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    Nice picture Madjoni, what species can you find in the river and what size would you expect?
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    TF SANA Article

    Camshy Totally agree with your thoughts above. Just looks to me as if SANA are trying to generate a bit more cash from the competition angler and the small water guys are an untapped resource. But one thing is certain that money will not be invested on these competitors, it will be whisked...
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    "Christmas Bonus" caption competition

    What do you mean we went to adverts?
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    Anglian Water SOS

    James I was aware of the rule and think if it came down to it we could find someone local to fill the place under this rule. However I think it looks as if we may have found someone who can fish that has not already competed this year. So fingers crossed we will get to the starting line with...
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    Anglian Water SOS

    Just learned early this evening that one of our team for the Anglian Water Airflo International Match being held Tues/Wed has had to withdraw due to a severe back injury. I have exahausted all avenues trying to find a replacement at short notice and have had no success. If anyone out there is...
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    Angling Research - welcome!

    Survey Completed:D
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    Autumn International on Menteith

    Well done lads.:D:D:D:D Great team performance and a big well done to Andy Mckay. The drinks are on you.:wine::wine::wine::wine::D
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    LOM boat league

    Apologies to all I have upset, I left my fish at my arse last night. Intended to leave them with Dougie as usual but got side tracked. I'll bring some rope next week and you can have a public hanging. Sorry once again Derek Barclay As for reluctant to post, there are 10,000 reasons that make...
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    Quality Marabou

    The best on the market is still Dave Downies definate advantage range, the reason for this is that he sorts by hand every single plume and only uses the best, hence why he has to sell direct.
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    Autumn International at Trawsfynydd

    Good luck to Jim and the rest of the Scottish Lads, it will be GOLD.:D