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    Had a bunch of these in the garden at the weekend 40 or so , not seen any for a few years any one else seen any . O M W
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    Orvis Reel deal heads up

    Just noticed that Orvis are selling the Hydros LA reels at a big discount . Just got a reel and a spare spool for a good price O M W
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    So we have just booked a cruise for December 2020. Looking at the itinerary and wondering if I can shoe horn a bit of bone fishing , or indeed any fly fishing into one of the day when boat is in port a long day . They are : Particularly ...Aruba / Curacao And : St Lucia and Roadtown BV...
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    Expensive versus cheap wading boots

    So My Simms Freestone boots are falling apart just about two seasons old after very modest use. I fish a lot but wear felt soled boots a lot of the time and these are the vibram soled boots . Soles hardly worn but sole and upper separating . Interestingly I have some daiwa felt soled boots ...
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    handling very small flies...

    So I fished the other day and the troots were feeding on midges . Size 18 and 20s were refused , I managed to thread a size 24 and bobs your uncle caught three . Tying on the 24 was a pain . They are to small for my C and F threaders and trying to get the flies out of the box and tie them on...
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    Who’s had the shittest weekend

    I have spent two solid days assembling IKEA furniture in a very cramped space .So who can beat that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Road and camping / self catering fishing trip trip ideas

    Morning all need the collective wisdom of the forum. My Number 2 son is of to china to work for a year in September . He has reminded me that we have never had that father / Son fishing road camping / self catering trip that we have talked about. So ideas please . We are based in North...
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    Scott new G ( S) series

    So anybody tried this . I have a serious attack of Avarice when I look at the G S 883-4 , Bought a G2 a while back the G2 884 to the extent it replaced the staff of moses . Fast becoming a Scott convert and struggling to avoid buying this new model in the three weight. Please someone tel me...
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    hotel with fishing or near fishing Derbyshire

    Just found out that I have a family Christening in Allestree near Derby coming up. Now I had planned a few days away in the Dales for Easter but this is on Easter Sunday . Where do you guys recommend near there , Bakewell area maybe . Its my birthday just before easter so fancy somewhere nice...
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    2 wt Recommendation

    Chaps I am looking for a 2 wt in the 9ft 6 to ten foot range for light line nymphing . Wondered what you guys use ?. hearing good things about the snowbee prestige but struggled to find one , Ideas and suggestions most welcome O M W
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    What 10 ft 4wt

    So as it’s nearly chrimbo I fancy treating myself to a nice river rod for the Ure and Swale . For nymphing and dries . Seems to be Lots of choice , So money no object what do you guys use and recommend .10 ft 4 wts only please have lots of other rods..... O M W
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    6wt Rod thoughts

    Funny thing is I’ve fly fished for over 50 years used every rod weight from a two to a nine but have never ever had a six weight . Have a gaggle of three and four weights , a couple of five weights and then a few seven through nine weights for salmon and sea trouts I even have a nice two weight...
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    Tungsten beads

    where are you guys getting tungsten beads from these days? Whos recomended for decent quality? Ta