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    How do you get your fish home?

    How do you all get your fish home? Where I fish they supply carrier bags, so I put a bit of lake water in the bag with my fish and tie a knot in the bag. I'm lucky, in that my local water is only a fifteen minute drive from my house. Normally, I will fish a four hour ticket, which entitles me...
  2. J

    Nightmare days fishing!

    I went to Norton Fishery today for a catch and release session. The weather was not that good, but I took the chance to get out fishing just in case I have to stay indoors and start tying my own flies! The place was very busy, so it seems people had the same idea as me. It was windy for me...
  3. J

    How to videos

    As a beginner to fly fishing, I like to watch videos to help me understand what I should and should not be doing. The problem I am finding, is that on YouTube, it appears to be videos of people fishing! No mention of what line, fly, etc they are using and why. I am catching quite well at the...
  4. J

    Tip of floating line sinking!

    Has my floating line reached the end of it's life? I have noticed lately that the top five feet or so of my floating fly line with braided loop attached in sinking. Is there a way I can fix this problem? Thanks, Russ
  5. J

    First fly!

    Brand new to fly tying so need advice please. I did the 'unmentionable' and received a fly tying kit for Christmas. To be honest, I think it will suffice for my first fly tying adventures. I am aiming to complete my first ever dry fly ready to use for when the weather improves. What...
  6. J

    Selected hooks sizes

    Following on from a previous post of mine, I was wondering how many flies on different hook sizes would be the norm? Would three hook sizes be the norm? For example, a size 14, size 12 and a size 10 hook for the same fly. Even as a beginner I am amassing a pretty large collection of flies...
  7. J

    Shy bites!

    The last few times out I have been using a 'Cat's Whisker' and retrieving at different speeds whilst varying the pause. This is working fine for me, but I have one problem... I seem to get plenty of shy bites. Now either the fish are aware of the hook and spitting it out before I can strike...
  8. J

    When to move up to fishing Grafham!

    Hi everyone, I have been fly fishing since last August, and really enjoying it. Thinking about it, I was wondering when I should move up from fishing my local lake to a reservoir. Never fished from a boat, or on a reservoir, so just wondering what people thought. I don't mind too much if the...
  9. J

    Losing fish!

    Any advice from you guys please.... Every time I go out fishing I am losing as many fish as I am getting into the net. I was fishing today, only had two bites and lost them both. The first one was on the line for about ninety seconds, it came really close to me, right under my feet and then...
  10. J

    How long before you change flies\tactics?

    How long should I fish with the same fly, using the same tactics? I fish mainly at Norton Trout Fishery in Essex, it is £20 for two fish on a four hour ticket. Now two fish is plenty for me to take home, and four hours seems to be long enough before the standing up\casting\retrieving starts to...
  11. J

    Selection of flies

    What\How many flies do you have when visiting a Stillwater fishery? On each visit I seem to acquire more flies, a little bit like floats when I was coarse fishing! I really enjoy dry fly fishing, so I have a small box full of dry flies. There is also a selection of Cats Whiskers and also...
  12. J

    What else could I do?

    I need a bit of advice from my fellow anglers. Last Sunday I went to my local lake (Norton Fishery, Essex) for a four hour session. When I saw Bert the owner, he told me that people were catching on buzzers fished three feet deep, either drifting or a figure of eight retrieve. So I set out...
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    Hello everyone

    I have just joined this site and thought I would introduce myself to you all. I'm a fifty five year old male now living in Romford, Essex. Been a coarse fisherman for most of my life, and I have recently started fly fishing. My normal lake is Norton Fishery, but I've had a couple of days at...
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    How do I start on a lake

    Hello all, I'm new to fly fishing and I thought I would ask for some advice. If I arrive at a new lake I would normally ask in the shop about what flies are catching, what area of the lake are they catching at and how are they catching them. So my question is, what do I do if I cannot get an...