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    Superthin lines

    Assuming the density is very close to 1 you can't make it much thinner. Without making density greater than 1 and therefore a sinker. You could make the front part thinner but need to make back thicker to keep density the same. I have never measured the density of a plastic floating line but I...
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    November New Zealand

    If they come up save 10% for me and I lll come across tje Tasman sea to join you!
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    January 2015 Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Thanks to sponsor, I put the voucher towards a kraken reel. It arrived this week, I hope to put it use at easter time!
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    November New Zealand

    MR TROUT it is an slt 5 w. On the windier days a 6 would have been advantageous.
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    November New Zealand

    Have fun Colin! Get some cicadas and mouse flies!
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    January 2015 Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Oh great news! Just when I needed a lift! Many thanks to the sponsor Allen fly Fishing and the judges!
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    January 2015 Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Mildred never realised how much she would miss her husband so after the unfortunate drowning incident she had him stuffed and mounted in his favourite attire. The cat hasn't noticed the difference.
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    January 2015 Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    George, I know your fishing buddy is always late picking you up but do you have to wait for him in bed?
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    Wanted: UTC Vinyl Rib

    Interesting. I have been having trouble locating the midge size in dark brown. For some reason the new stuff being produced by Utc the brown is actually tan... I keep trying to locate dark brown to no avail.
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    Pozzolini fly rods (Italian Style Casting)

    The atom six is probably one of the better rods you could try for the Italian style. I had a chuck of mr baileys rod when he visited. Lovely build too!
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    Pozzolini fly rods (Italian Style Casting)

    I have plenty of different rods. Mostly you want a stiffish rod with a progressive taper. I tend to look for a fast 4 for a 3 wt line. I did buy a cheap Chinese rod about 30 quid of Aussie flea market site. 7 ft 4-5wt and it goes well. I have a few that I let beginners use and they are cheap to...
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    Driving me nuts!!!!!

    Try a woolly ******, with a trailing buzzer. This has worked for me on crazy hatches like this. Seems to work better than a team of buzzers.
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    wanted sage slt 950-4

    Saw one for sale on the Australian fly life forum!
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    What improvements did you make this year

    Have been putting into practice when ever possible Italian style fishing casts. Of course this means mostly fishing the dry. So now is the time here in the antipodes for the trout in the stream to take the dry. Not as productive as Dry/nymph combo but great fun and very rewarding. Will leave...
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    rod polishing?

    Yes don't polish your rod! You might go blind! :-) From the glare and shine of course!
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    November New Zealand

    Mr loomis! Yes NI stands for North Island. Was fishing in and around Taupo and Rotorua.
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    ANOTHER what rod question

    Your 100 quid constraint limits your choices. If you want to fish dry fly and heavy Nymphs in overgrown water. You are looking for a rod that will let you roll cast , bow and arrow cast . You are going to want a medium fast action rod with a progressive taper. Tough to find in your budget...
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    Go-pro Vids / photos

    For underwater I have been using a forehand grip:-). Well actually hand held as I am using it on rivers where wading is possible.however I am going to try to attract a mount to a telescopic pole . I recommend playing around with different modes at home so you get affected for how they look!
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    How deep

    A general rule of thumb I use for depth is about 1.5 times the distance between weight and floating line. For example, to fish current seams on fast Nz rivers, it is common to fish with 12 ft or longer leaders and double tungstens nymphs. This will get you down maybe 6 - 8 ft. ---------- Post...