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    I'm planning a visit to Wimbleball when the weather is warmer. I've never fished there before. I don't want to fish from a boat, I prefer to stay on dry land. Where's the best place to start?
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    post in error, sorry !
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    Fly Culture magazine - Spring 2020

    My copy arrived last Saturday just in time for the lock down. Great timing. I'm rationing myself to one article per day so I have something to read for a couple of weeks. What other books or magazines is everyone reading ? Suggest titles that we can buy online. I bought a couple of old books...
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    Bob Southwell fly rods

    Through this forum I have been lucky to find and buy three fly rods by Bob Southwell. He is little known in fly fishing circles but is famous for his carp rods. He had a great influence on the design and build of split cane fishing rods. He is probably better known in the USA than in the UK...
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    Cormorants - DEFRA consultation

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this, I couldn't find anything using 'search'. The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in close partnership with Natural England, have launched an online consultation about the control of wild birds eg. Cormorants and other fish...
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    Fly Culture magazine - Autumn 2019

    My copy arrived yesterday. What a cover shot, I thought the last edition was good but this is in a different league. Great piece by Ben Jailer.
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    Fly line to leader photos

    Another thread prompted me to try needle knotting the butt of a Greylon tapered leader into the end of my fly line. Many years ago I used this method but I became fed up stabbing my thumb with the needle and the knot jamming in the rod rings. I used an old Cortland Rocket Taper #6 floating line...
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    Bob Southwell split cane rods

    I'm looking for a rod made by Bob Southwell (JW Southwell, Croydon) called the 'Blagdon' or the 'Dart'. If anyone has one of there rods I'd be interested in buying it :-)
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    Fly Culture magazine - Spring 2019 issue

    The latest issue has been published but I think our postman has stolen mine ! I've met him at the front door for the last three days but he has only delivered bills and junk mail :-( It's blowing a gale and threatening rain, my opening day fishing has been cancelled and I could do with a good...
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    2018 Season Summary

    In my fishing diary I wrote . . . "The 2018 season was eventful and if I had to sum it up with one word, I would say it was ‘memorable’. The extreme weather was frustrating but I particularly enjoyed fishing at the river. The “Beast from the East” delayed the start of river fishing and the...
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    Fishing with Sir Edward Elgar on 15 June

    The composer Sir Edward Elgar fished at Little Bognor, near Fittleworth. One of my club's lakes. He rented a nearby cottage called ‘Brinkwells’ from May 1917 to August 1921. In June 1918 he wrote “plundered three decent fish, 2 1/2lbs the three” and at the end of his diary for 1918 he recorded...
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    Ephemera danica photos

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    2017 trout fishing diary

    I finished the final edit of my 2017 trout fishing diary and printed each double sided page. It contains 263 pages, over 300 photos and 37,766 words. Printer ink is more expensive than a new printer. If you would like to read my diary, go to Sussex Trout Fishing – Trout Fishing Diary
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    Hardy Perfect

    Can anyone explain why this reel has the handle on the back plate, the side that's not ventilated ? The early versions had a round agate or nickel silver line guard and could only be used with the rod in the left hand. It looks a bit odd. I examined a new one a few days ago and immediately...
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    'Weight Backward' fly line

    While rummaging around I found three old Cortland 444 WF lines in a drawer of my desk. I was about to throw them away but I wondered if the running line would be of any use. I had another Cortland line on my little Hardy Marquis. It was less than a year old and it hadn’t been used since July...
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    'Weight Backward' fly line

    double post, perhaps admin could delete it ?
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    Black and White

    I take lots of photos when I'm fishing. It makes me more observant. Some images just look better in black and white.
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    First fish on a Mayfly this season

    I caught my first fish on a mayfly yesterday. The wind was cold and strong but towards the evening I found a rising fish and caught it on a hackle stalk imitation I tied on Sunday :-)
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    1 May - Mayfly

    Very appropriate, I photographed this Mayfly today :-)
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    ....and relax

    In my opinion fly fishing for trout is meant to be a time for relaxing and enjoying myself. A time to blank out problems, to forget about politics and mundane domestic trivia. A time to switch off my mobile phone and to sit on the grass with a cup of tea and a sandwich. Or a chocolate biscuit...