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  1. burhan

    Fly Dressers Guild Cardiff

    I'll be there. Should be really good hopefully. Burhan
  2. burhan

    Claret Bumble Hopper

    That's beautiful that is 👍 Burhan
  3. burhan

    Harvey angling closing down?

    Very sad news indeed have been using these guys for years. Gareth has been running it for a few years now and I used to visit often when his dad used to run the place from the old unit. In fact I would often make a 30 mile round trip to visit the store rather than go to Gary Evans who's...
  4. burhan

    The (new) River Wye 2017 thread.

    Looks like we've started again folks. Why can't we please just talk about the fishing and leave all the politics and cr@p out? The forum has been a fairly peaceful place of late so let's all try and keep it that way. Thanks. Burhan
  5. burhan

    Going to have another go please?

    Seriously Simon what is going on? Have none of the flies I sent you worked? They were all catchers mate that I can assure you. Do you ever venture into or near South Wales? If so holla at me and I'm sure I can put you onto some trout. I really admire your perseverance though fair play👍 Burhan
  6. burhan

    Davie McPhail

    I think Davie is an excellent fly tying instructor and comes across as a very genuine guy. He's been teaching newbies and the experienced for years out of good will and free of charge. I think he's only right to ask for a little contribution and to be honest should have been charging years ago...
  7. burhan

    River fishing what do you speacilize in

    Exactly for me what Douglas said. Burhan
  8. burhan

    Recent ties

    All real belters them 👍 Burhan
  9. burhan

    Way, way better than that Robson...

    I really like Cyrel and his programs. He comes across as a very genuine guy who just loves his fishing. Burhan
  10. burhan

    Butchers. (salmon flies).

    Love them. Would be a shame to get them wet really. Burhan
  11. burhan

    Whereabouts in Wales, near the coast but good for river?

    I agree totally with Taffy. Plenty of opportunity for saltwater fly fishing for other species too. Burhan
  12. burhan

    Oh my goodness - bonefish content!

    Some stunning bonefish there. That's another place on my fishing bucket list now. Burhan
  13. burhan

    New stuff from Robson

    Yeah. A passion for Angling. I totally agree with your first two paragraphs. Burhan
  14. burhan

    New stuff from Robson

    You're entitled to your opinion but I still think you're talking a load of 8o11ox. 'good at putting it across', 'prime time' ?. Pull the other one mate:rolleyes: Burhan
  15. burhan

    New stuff from Robson

    Well thank you sir:thumbs: Burhan
  16. burhan

    Proper Canal Roach

    Excellent. That one sure is a belter. What sort of weight would you have put on it? About 12 years ago I had a roach of just over 2lb on the Taff feeder by Atlantic Wharf. I've got a picture of it on one of my old sd cards somewhere. I'll see if I can dig it out. Burhan
  17. burhan

    New stuff from Robson

    I refuse to watch any fishing programs he's involved in. Just can't stand the guy. I find him very rude and offensive to other people's cultures bordering on racist at times. I tried to get in to it as it's a fishing program but just can't get passed his over joyous cries of idiocy. Give me Paul...
  18. burhan

    Nymphing vs Dryfly on rivers....

    True say, but there's nothing more frustrating than seeing a carp just kissing the biscuit fly and not taking it:( Burhan
  19. burhan

    One for the lake, one for the stream.

    I loves them both I do butt:thumbs: Burhan
  20. burhan

    Nymphing vs Dryfly on rivers....

    I must be a minority here. I fish dry on the rivers about 90% of the time and pretty much only fish nymphs in the winter or if I'm traveling a distance. I know it's a bit silly really as I'm greatly reducing my catch potential but that doesn't bother me one bit. There's nothing more magical than...