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  1. kype

    Suggestions for fishing this type H2O

    There are a few streams that have very large brown trout in them here in Vermont. Three of them are associated as two are tributaries of the third larger stream. The tributaries have big fish in the lower sections within a mile of the mane river. All three are serpentine running through clay...
  2. kype

    Vision Help

    In May I broke my Vision Cult 10ft. 3 piece #4 rod. The tip & butt sections are fine. I need a mid section for this rod and Vision doesn't appear to be all that interested in helping me. Is there a dealer here that can help me with replacing the mid section? To the best of my knowledge...
  3. kype

    Scotish salmon fishing with Aldolf

    Thought you fellows would like this. :) Sunray Sunray - YouTube
  4. kype

    Fergus River

    Folks, A good friend is visiting Ireland near Lough Rask and posted a picture of Fergus River on his blog. I am just wondering if someone here fishes it or knowledgable of the good looking small stream.:) Thanks! Bobby
  5. kype

    A useful small stream dry fly

    About two weeks ago I was asked to share fly patterns I use for my small stream fishing, especially brook trout. Today I tied up some of my craneflies. I use this fly more and more often than anything else these days other than the little green stonefly which is nothing more than a lime green...
  6. kype

    Winter fishing

    Winter is has set in here in Vermont. I was just wondering if people do much ice fishing in the UK and Europe? It is a big thing in Vermont though I find it difficult to get in to I have done it. I went through the ice once years ago and it sort of put a chill on it for me. :whistle: Dragging...
  7. kype


    Grayling anglers Is the European grayling tollerent of warm water? Does the European grayling get along with trout well? Is the grayling easily transplanted? Thanks! Bobby
  8. kype

    Resident trout migration study

    I found this to be very useful information. Bobby
  9. kype

    General Crustacean

    General Crustacean I designed the General Crustacean 11 years ago for striped bass. Since then I have used it in fresh water to imitate a swimming crayfish. It has caught everything from Striped bass, bluefish and flat fish to rainbow trout, small mouth bass and walleye. I originally tied...
  10. kype

    Test question

    MEGAVIDEO - I'm watching I watched this video twice in the last two days and enjoyed it very much. I couldn’t help but notice that the...
  11. kype

    Do you fish streamers?

    I just tied up these for fishing LL salmon and trout feeding on smelt running from our lakes to spawn in the streams. I thought I would ask if you fish this type of fly across the pond? Bobby
  12. kype

    Casting terms

    How about designating a clear set of casting terms so we can all speak the same language. I found this list of terms and thought I would bring this up for your attention and comment so we all can follow and understand what is being said.:) Bobby Casting Terms
  13. kype

    Fox dubbing in dry flies?

    I have been checking everyplace to see if the use of the pink fur of the vixen red fox belly in tying dry flies originates in the USA or if British and European fly tiers used it first. Perhaps some of you guys on the small stream thread might know or we can chalk it up to Gordon and his...
  14. kype

    Pink vixen red fox fur

    I got an E-mail this morning from a friend after yesterdays blizzard. He saw a fox in the yard feeding at the bird feeder and he thought of the use of pink, urine stained underbelly fox fur. He credited its use to an American, Eric Leiser, who may have mentioned it but certainly the use of that...
  15. kype

    Pink vixen fox fur

    No response thread moved.
  16. kype

    Rod & Reel Ballance

    The snow is piling up outside my window at this moment and I thought discussing rod reel balance might be enjoyable on a winter's day. I have always used reels that are light for example for many years I used the Hardy Princess for my large river dry fly fishing on #5 weight rods. It balanced...
  17. kype

    Humor time!

    I just saw this. If it has already made the rounds I apologize but I found it enjoyable and thought I would share it. A New Fly Rod Bobby A New Fly Rod
  18. kype

    HELP!!! CZN Rod selection

    I am seeking advice on CZN rod choice and I am looking specifically at the Vision Cult rods. I like them and I like the price. I fish a variety of rivers for primarily rainbow trout but large lake run browns and steelhead out of Lake Ontario. I have plenty of excellent dry fly rods, wet fly...
  19. kype

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my fly fishing buddies on this site! Tight Lines for 2011 from Vermont!:) Bobby
  20. kype

    Uncle Sam Needs You!

    Czech Nymphing Clarification needed! We are having one heck of a battle here on a web site. The fellow that posts here by the name of Overmywaders wants to take fly fishing back to the stone age. We have some water that is managed as Fly Fishing Only. Years ago we were not permitted to use...