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  1. Waltyluft

    Vision Onki 9' #5

    WITHDRAWN - I've decided to keep this as I've just sold another rod and I'm down to my last four 9ft 5weights......😋 Vision Onki with two butt sections I bought this rod new. On arrival I noticed slight cosmetic defects with the butt section. The distributor, Guide, immediately supplied me...
  2. Waltyluft

    Hardy Demon - original v sintrix version

    Hi all A while ago I sold a first generation (pre sintrix) Hardy Demon 9' #5 and I've regretted it ever since. I can't find an original anywhere to replace it. I'm thinking now that I might take a punt on a Sintrix one. Has anybody owned both versions of Demon and if so, how do they compare...
  3. Waltyluft

    Wtd: Hardy Demon Mk I - 9' #5

    As title I'm looking for an original Hardy Demon 9' #5 in 4 piece, i.e. NOT the Sintrix version. PM with condition detail and price required if you have one to offer.
  4. Waltyluft

    SOLD Airflo Comfort Zone Deluxe Rotary Boat Seat

    !!!!SOLD!!!! I was going to put this straight on Ebay but then thought I'd see if anybody here is interested. This is the rotary version with the swivel seat. I've only used it twice. The first time I found the seat back far too upright so I altered it with a bit of filing. Unfortunately, I...
  5. Waltyluft

    John Norris Sale

    Did anyone get an email yesterday saying extra 10% off sale items? Any idea how to apply the extra 10% as the prices are the same as usual and nothing seems to come off at checkout?
  6. Waltyluft

    SWAP - Sage SLT 590 for Sage SLT 486

    As title says I'm looking to swap my factory Sage SLT 590 in excellent condition for a similar condition 486. PM if anyone has one to swap please.
  7. Waltyluft

    Shakespeare Agility EXP 9'6" 7-piece unused

    Shakespeare Agility EXP 9'6" 7-piece unused SOLD NOW SOLD Anyone interested in this unused rod with cellophane still on handle at £45 posted? Paypal (buyer pays fees) or bank transfer. PM if interested. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Waltyluft

    Snowbee Spectre Cassette Reel + spare cassette

    This is an unused reel. One of two I bought, this being a backup. The reel I'm keeping has proved to be totally bomb proof so I no longer feel the need for the backup. £105 posted. Bank transfer preferred or paypal, buyer pays fees. PM if interested.
  9. Waltyluft

    Faulty wading staff - who covers return postage?

    I bought a Bison wading staff in November 2018. It's a really nice staff but after 3 months and having only been used a few times, the weight in the staff has come loose and is rattling around in use. This is not only annoying but surely not good in terms of any stealth while fishing. Anyway, I...
  10. Waltyluft

    Best/easiest epoxy for wraps (for novice)

    Hi there As title says, I'm looking for advice as to the easiest epoxy to use on guide wraps as a "first timer". I've got everyting else done but I've been putting this off as I'm feared I'll make a complete hash of it and spoil all the good work. So, for a first build, without any turning...
  11. Waltyluft

    Wtd: Decent quality 9'6" #6 Rod

    Hi there As title says, I'm looking for a decent quality, lightweight, 9'6" #6 fly rod. I'm willing to buy from you or swap for one of my 9' #5 rods. PM me if you've anything to offer. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. Waltyluft

    Leeda Volare - surprisingly good at first sight

    On a whim, I've just bought a muckle cheap 11' #7 Leeda Volare for very infrequent boat fishing trips to the often windy Uist lochs. It arrived this morning, just over £40 posted from Garry Evans. At first look it seems a remarkable rod for the money. Decent cork, decent whippings, reasonable...
  13. Waltyluft

    Wanted - 10' #6 rod - swap for my unused Snowbee Prestige 9' #6

    As title says, I'm looking for a 10 #6 rod in a swap deal for the unused Snowbee Prestige 9' #6 rod I have for sale here. If you have a similar quality rod and are interested in a swap, please PM. ROD NOW SOLD
  14. Waltyluft

    Snowbee Prestige 9' #6

    I bought this rod from a forum member a fortnight ago but due to another "incomer" :omg: it's back up for sale. I'm looking for the same price I paid which is £125 posted within UK. Pics of the rod can be found here: Snowbee Prestige 9'0 #6 for sale As described in original ad, this rod is...
  15. Waltyluft

    Hardy LRH Lightweight - mint condition

    As title says, a mint condition Hardy LRH Lightweight reel complete with pouch, box and instruction leaflet. NOW SOLD I used this once with a #4 line but would be equally at home with a #3, #5 or #6. Set up for left hand wind but easily changed to right hand if required. £110 posted within...
  16. Waltyluft

    Customer Service: Hardy V Orvis - Well done Hardy!

    I recently lost one of the 2 screws attaching the reel foot on my Orvis CFO 123 xi reel. It's one of the Made in England by Hardy models. I emailed Orvis, attaching several pics of my reel, to try and get a replacement and after a few days received a reply that said: "Sorry for the delay...
  17. Waltyluft

    Loop Multi 586-4

    A very lightly used Loop Multi 8'6" #5, 4-piece fly rod for sale. Comes with original rod bag and tube. Other than a few tiny pieces of filler missing from Cork handle, the rod is immaculate. Price reduced to £110 posted within UK. NOW SOLD Photos added
  18. Waltyluft

    Cheap RIO Golds on Ebay - anyoneknow if still available??

    Hi Back in January 2017, having read a post on here (I think...I can't find it), I bought an unpackaged RIO Gold (?) which the seller stated was genuine. It was described as a GOLD DISTANCE TAPER TWO-TONE FLY FLOATING LINE and I paid £19.99 for it. The Ebay seller was the_line_man I've just...
  19. Waltyluft

    Yorkshire Game Angler - Deal of the day!!!!...

    Does anyone else get emails from YGA purporting to offer good deals?? Todays "deal of the day" is a Cortland Peach 444 flyline at £49.99 (i.e. rrp) which I can get from most other outlets for £34.99. They then have the audacity to state this deal is a special price for a limited time only...
  20. Waltyluft

    Buying from US - duty cutoff

    HI Does anyone know what the amount is currently where goods bought from the US will attract taxes and duty? It used to be above £18ish iirc (which I probably don't).