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  1. mrnotherone

    One For Course Anglers

    Selling a fibreglass float rod from Vortex (E.T.Barlow & Sons) who were based in Thames Ditton, Surrey. This was the first proper float rod I had and is about 45 years old. It is the Vortex Royal model. The rod is 12ft long and has the typical action of a glass rod of its era, soft with a more...
  2. mrnotherone

    Youngsters Spinning Rod

    I have a 6ft 8" spinning rod for sale that my daughter used twice together with a fixed spool reel. They are both made by Fladen, the reel is the Charter 330. The rod is in excellent condition and a fetching shade of purple. The reel is a nice shade of pink! Fladen is a budget manufacturer, but...
  3. mrnotherone

    Withdrawn. Sold elsewhere.

    Selling my Helios 2 mid flex. Superb rod and lovely all round fishing tool. I've had it 18 months from new, it's in excellent condition. There are some minor surface scratches on the tube, no dents. Price is £300 posted. Perfect for the new season :) Thanks for looking, Jon.
  4. mrnotherone

    ECHO Glass 6ft 9" 3 weight for sale

    NOW SOLD - Thanks for looking PRICE REDUCTION I'm selling my beautiful ECHO brook/stream rod. It's the 6ft 9' 3 wt in mint condition, complete with warranty card and original bag and cordura holder. Used perhaps 4 times. The rod is med-fast action with chrome snake guides and a cork reel seat...
  5. mrnotherone

    Closing Threads?

    I’ve just realised that the River Fishing For Trout thread has been closed. Is that premature? Why close a thread about fishing for trout on a fishing forum because of one or two muppets. This thread had been trucking along nicely for a while and is of great interest to those of us who enjoy...
  6. mrnotherone

    Fungal Identification.

    Can anyone identify these fungi? (Not fungal obviously) I know nothing about this and they have just sprouted in the lawn. Thanks.
  7. mrnotherone

    Orvis Recon 8ft 4" 3wt for sale

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE Selling my Recon. It's just not getting enough use and I can't see that changing soon. Very good condition and a joy to cast, particularly on the small to medium rivers. Comes with the original bag and tube. I'll put a few pictures up later today. Asking £225 posted. Please...
  8. mrnotherone

    New Hodgman Waders - reduced

    Now SOLD, subject to the usual. Thanks for looking. OK, I'm reducing the price to £200 posted. These are the Hodgman Aesis Sonic, stocking foot, zip waders. They have never been used and still in the original box. I bought these from a forum member a while ago, but as much as I want them to...
  9. mrnotherone

    Hodgman Waders - Never Used

    Hodgman Waders for sale. These are the Aesis Sonic, stocking foot, zip waders. They have never been used and still in the original box. I bought these from a forum member a while ago, but as much as I want them to fit, disappointingly they are a little big for me. They are great quality waders...
  10. mrnotherone

    GR50 Price at Gary Evans

    Just passing this info on to forum members. The Gary Evans offer of the week is the Greys GR50 from as low as £70 quid. I used a 9ft 6wt for small still waters for quite a while and it was a decent rod. That's a pretty good price imo. Have fun.
  11. mrnotherone

    Fungi Identification

    I know absolutely nothing about fungi, any enthusiasts able to tell me what these may be? They are growing in my garden and clearly a bit storm battered, but in 12 years I've not seen anything similar on the property. Curiosity has the better of me. Thank you. Jon.
  12. mrnotherone

    River Ogmore

    I recently had cause to visit the Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes and passed over the River Ogmore close by. Looked just the type of water I like to fish. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Are any day tickets available? Many thanks, Jon.
  13. mrnotherone

    Sage Circa 8ft 9" 5wt

    Price Drop Reluctantly selling my Sage Circa 8ft 9" 5wt. Beautiful rod, no marks in original wrap and tube. I bought this from a member last year and am simply not using it enough. I'm fishing some very small streams. I don't hoard rods so it has to go. NOW £275 posted please. Just adding...
  14. mrnotherone

    Sage Circa 3wt

    On the look out for a Sage Circa 3wt, preferably the 379, but will consider a longer 3wt. If you have one in excellent condition that you are looking to pass on for a fair price, please PM me. Thanks, Jon.
  15. mrnotherone

    Orvis Access Mid Arbor size 1

    NOW SOLD - Thank You. Lovely little Orvis Access Mid Arbour for sale. Size 1 in Titanium. Excellent condition, only had a few river outings. A couple of very minor marks on the rim, too small to photograph. Complete with neoprene pouch, original box and leaflet. It will take a WF3 line and...
  16. mrnotherone

    Of vests, chest packs and other options...

    One of the things I can't settle on is whether I use a vest or pack of some description and there have been plenty of threads from others on this question. I have a large vest (similar to the Outlander) with a good sized backpack which is great for a full day on the river as I can carry...
  17. mrnotherone

    Wanted: Orvis Superfine 6ft 6' 3wt

    On the look out for the above rod (carbon not glass). Please PM me if you have one in great condition you'd like to pass on. Many thanks, Jon.
  18. mrnotherone

    A Depression is Moving In

    I finally get a weekend when I can get out for a day and this weather just won't let up :mad: I'd hoped to spend a few hours after grayling but it's awful. Driving rain, blowing a gale and the rivers look terrible. I'm not a fair weather angler, but this is ridiculous. For those of us still...
  19. mrnotherone

    Helios 2 Mid Flex

    I just acquired a Helios 2 (9ft 4#) and although I've not fished it yet, I spent an hour casting it with a couple of different lines. I knew it would be good because I cast a friends before buying. What a rod! Early days, but it might just be the best I've ever held. I love my slightly...
  20. mrnotherone

    Greys GR50 9ft 6wt for sale

    NOW SOLD - THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS! In addition to selling my Zenith (see other post), I'm also selling a Greys GR50 9ft 6wt. Very nice rod, good condition and good all rounder. I've used it mainly for smaller stillwater but it has enough backbone for something bigger. Casts out a...