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  1. burhan

    Oh what a night

    Very well done to Wales tonight. They really showed the Belgians and the over rated English how to play football Burhan
  2. burhan

    Why are the man u fans so quiet tonight?

    It's a mystery:confused:. If I was to guess though I would say because they took a good old drubbing at the hands of the mighty reds:thumbs: come on lads what's happening? Let's talk football. I think Moyes is doing a marvelous job and long may he continue:thumbs: Burhan
  3. burhan

    Anyone tried this tying vice?

    I'm about to purchase this vice and was just wondering if anyone has/tried one and what their views on it are. Fly Tying Vice 360 degree, Base with Clamp model ( From Fishing4Trout ) | eBay it's £40 which i really don't need to spend as i have several vices already but hey ho. if this is cr@p...
  4. burhan

    Tying flies on your lap

    Hi fellow fluff chuckers. I'm having a bit of a problem in motivating myself to tie flies. The reason for this is it's a real mission for me to get my tying kit out and tie in the kitchen. It's very impractical too hence my lack of tying. What i would like to do is tie flies on my lap whilst...
  5. burhan

    fishing in tunisia

    hi folks. i'll be holidaying in tunisia really soon at the ibrestor cheech resort hotel in hammamet and plan on doing some fishing too. anyone ever fished there before or know of any guides. i'm looking to do a bit of diy on the fly if i can but would also like to go out with a guide for a...
  6. burhan


    hi folks. i'm writing up a newsletter for my fishing club and i'd like to add a crossword. i've had a look on some websites for the crossword maker and some try to charge you even though they advertised it as free (which is very annoying as you have to write out all the answers and the clues...
  7. burhan

    photo resizing software

    i've got loads of photos which i need to resize (file sizes) and upload online some for this forum and some for emails. the problem is a lot of the images have really large file sizes as they were taken with a higher res camera. what i'm looking for is the best FREE software that i can use to...
  8. burhan

    lechlade advice

    I'm fishing lechlade on sunday for the first time and I've got absolutely no ideas how to fish it or what to expect. I fish rivers for 95% of the time. Any info on flies, set up or other techniques to try for this time of year will be greatly appreciated. cheers. burhan
  9. burhan

    cuba diy fishing ban update

    just to let you know folks i've just come back from my summer cuban fishing trip. whilst there i fished with a few different guides, met up with several reps, met tons of locals and even the military people. i asked them all about the rumours to ban ban diy fishing and they all told me it was...
  10. burhan

    Cdc. What to do?

    Hi folks. I'm in desperate need of some inspiration. I've bought a load of cdc and I have absolutely no idea as to what to do with the darn thing. I'm looking for some useful video links or other sbs links for tying with cdc. I should add that I almost exclusively fish rivers and unfortunately...
  11. burhan

    cuban dreams part 1

    Hi folks. I’m really sorry that this report is long over due. I did try before but it wouldn’t upload my images because of their sizes honest:whistle:. So after much pressure from some of the forumites here goes. It’s been a dream of mine for a while to catch a bonefish as I’m sure it has...
  12. burhan

    testing image

    test picture. if this works then report to follow shortly. can someone let me know if they can see the image. thanks
  13. burhan

    fishing in looe, cornwall

    hi folks. i'm off to looe in corwall next week and was wondering what the fishing is like there. i've never been to the area before so am happy to fish for anything as long as it's on the fly. any good rivers or streams near or stillwaters. I'd love to do some saltwater flyfishing too but i...
  14. burhan

    Airflo Airtec Fly Reel 9/10#

    hi folks. from my last thread we established that the airflo balance was a big crock of sh1te so i have decided to go for the Airflo Airtec Fly Reel for bonefish. it's a bit more than the balance reel and fishtec are selling it for a penny short of £70 which i think is a fair price. what are...
  15. burhan

    Airflo balance 9# reel

    Hi folks. I'm looking to get the airflow balance reel from fishtec. I don't know if the reel is any good but it looks good and according to their website it's been reduced a lot down to £50. I'll be looking to use it as a saltwater reel when I go after the bonefish again in the summer. So the...
  16. burhan

    bonefish flies eyes

    hi going after the bones real soon and desperately need to start tying my own bonefish flies. my question is where can i get those eyes. i'm new to tying so i don't even know what they're called i'm afraid:o:o. thanks burhan
  17. burhan

    cayo coco bonefish help please

    hi folks. i'm going to cayo coco in cuba at the beginning of december for two weeks and staying at the bluebay resort. i'm going after the bonefish and anythings else that is likely to take a fly eg tarpon, permit and barracudas etc. i don't know what to expect as i've never been there before...
  18. burhan

    cayo coco bofish help please

    could admin please delete this duplicated thread please. thanks
  19. burhan

    starting tying flies

    i've finally got round to tying flies after putting it off for about two years. the main reason was because the whip finish tool. i couldn't do it then, and i can't do it now:o:o. i've just learnt how to do half hitches by hand so i'm ready for it now. i think:confused::confused: i've got a...
  20. burhan

    tying thread

    hi gang. i think i'm finally going to start tying some flies now. i've had a kit for over two years now and never really started. i gave it a bash once and couldn't whip finish by hand or tool to save my life so packed it in:o:o anyway. i'm going to try again and get someone to give me...