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  1. sofasurfer

    Cove’s pheasant tail

    If you've tied the original pattern correctly, I'm not surprised. It was on a large, long shank hook for large still waters, drifted across the wind. Not a very good imitation of a buzzer.
  2. sofasurfer

    Are strike indicators taboo on chalkstreams?

    I have only fished the Itchen a few times. The rules where I fish are upstream dry fly, upstream nymph only with the Keeper's prior permission. I watch the leader which is never far away.
  3. sofasurfer

    Welded/braided loop failure - advice?

    Loops are the devil's work as you have sadly discovered. Don't wait until another loop let's you down before abandoning them.
  4. sofasurfer

    Keeping it simple - your advice and experience please

    I only ever fish with one rod and one reel. I have about 10 rods to choose from but only take one to the river. I put stuff in my pocket, mainly toffees. No rucksacks.
  5. sofasurfer

    Furled leaders

    It’s one knot with a furlie as well, end of furlie to fly, no difference.You need to think of them as a line exttension rather than a leader, it simply takes the end of your fly line down to a nice taper to which you add your tippet. if you've never even tried one it’s hard to knock them...
  6. sofasurfer

    Furled leaders

    No I have not tried one. I fish a lowland river, lakes, the Itchen and moorland streams/rivers. Quite a variety of waters. I use a 9' tapered leader (Greys) and about 3-4' of 5lb Stroft as a tippet. Always, every where, no exceptions. No loops, no braid, no rings, one knot - leader to tippet...
  7. sofasurfer

    Furled leaders

    The front end of a fly line is tapered. I can't see the point of attaching anything to the fly line except a mono leader. Particularly if it involves loops and rings and knots . . . .
  8. sofasurfer

    Do you keep and maintain a diary ?

    Yes, as a result I am more observant. I appreciate the countryside, birds and animals more. . . . is my diary :-)
  9. sofasurfer

    Silk lines and euro nymphing

    How complicated! I tie a dry fly or nymph on and catch trout. End.
  10. sofasurfer

    Reels for your cane and glass rods

    Hardy Marquis or Duchess, all small and light :-)
  11. sofasurfer

    Reviving tying wax

    I bought my one and only lump of wax from Veniards about 45 years ago. It's hard as rock. You don't need to soften it, pulling the silk across it generates heat which melts the wax onto the silk.
  12. sofasurfer

    Split-Cane rods;

    Errrr..... I can see quite a bad glue line? I'm not sure if that was a reply to my question above. Spread glue, bind the sections to clamp them together, excess glue seeps both out of the rod and also into the hollow rendering a fine tip solid.
  13. sofasurfer

    Split-Cane rods;

    When you hollow a rod how do you prevent the excess glue forming a solid core on the inside, particularly in the tip ?
  14. sofasurfer

    Silk lines on fast rods

    Pati, "You will need quality silk lines as the low end ones don’t like fast rods " Can you explain please ?
  15. sofasurfer

    Flyaking solo?

    I've watched a few videos about kayaking and fishing. What happens when you fall out? How do you get back onboard and what happens if you tire yourself out while trying? What about paddleboarding and fishing, anyone tried that?
  16. sofasurfer

    Split-Cane rods;

    What is the point of making a fast fibreglass rod? You might as well buy carbon fibre. Glass rods are floppy and slow, that is why they became redundant.
  17. sofasurfer

    Pre-made tapered leaders/tippets or 'cut your own'?

    Everyone who replies to this will give you a different answer. I use one fly and a tapered leader and I'm not new to fly fishing.
  18. sofasurfer

    Another mag title going

    The number of copies is not critical, Angling Times could be making a loss on each copy. Profit is key to survival.
  19. sofasurfer

    Another mag title going

    Good magazines thrive, magazines with boring content, rehashed articles, stuffed with adverts and advertorial don't survive. That applies to print and online. Online providers who think they can fill white space with adverts and allow irrelevant content will not survive.
  20. sofasurfer

    Split-Cane rods;

    Uncas, You are missing the point. It's not about weight, it's a completely different approach; slow fishing, infrequent casting, relax :)