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    Kudos to

    My son who lives in California just texted me to say he is well pleased with the service he's had from Farlow's. He ordered a Wychwood reel case from them last Friday (3/7) and it arrived today via UPS. He's 'as happy as a pig in poo' with the case and the service from Farlow's.
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    Arrowhead fly lines

    Is anyone using Michael Evans' Arrowhead lines? Opinions? Reviews?
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    In anticipation of the spring season...

    I just purchased a Sharpes 7 Wt. for my DIY Christmas present. Anyone want to offer recommendations for a suitable reel?
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    This starts the day I leave to come back 'up north'. HSBC Sydney 7s | Sydney, Australia - Official Travel & Accommodation Website I'm all of 20 kms from the Olympic park as I type this.
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    John Norris ????

    Have they stopped making/carrying their own brand of rods?
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    The grandsons and Easter holiday trout fishing

    We are visiting our youngest son and his family in California (USA) for Easter. I bought his two boys, now aged 14 and 7 spinning rods and reels and taught them the bare bones basics of fishing two years ago, so fishing was/is on their list of things to do while we are here. The weather...
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    Fly Fishing Diary

    Allan Sefton, amongst others, recommends keeping a diary of one's fishing efforts to track what has or hasn't worked at various locations and dates, but I couldn't find anything that was really 'spot on' for fly fishers in any of the shops. So, I Googled 'fly fishing diary' and found this...
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    Rugby League World Cup

    Anyone watching it besides me?
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    Orvis series ...

    I stumbled upon this on Facebook and thought there may be some interest. Link: The Art of Fly Fishing