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    Chinese made goods

    Will we now look away from China to source our fishing tackle and goods in general ?
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    The UK Bamboo/ Split Cane Fly Rod Makers Book - Expression of Interest

    All, I am currently researching the history behind the UK Bamboo /Split Cane Fly Rod scene running from circa 1960 to the current day for inclusion in a book that I plan to self publish. This will record the stories and details of the professional, semi professional and the amateur hobby makers...
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    Rivers of a Lost Coast

    Rivers Of A Lost Coast: Standard Edition | SnagFilms Watch Free Streaming Movies Online
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    The last Tonkin

    Heads up for the bamboo/split cane builders on here . Hardys are selling off their last stock of Tonkin on that auction site . Start price is £250 for circa 100 culms and the buyer must collect. I hope this isn't against any forum ruling .