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    Scierra SRX Competition Rod Review

    Great Report Rob Much Appreciated Cheers Garry
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    Waist waders

    Hi I own the waders, with stocking foot. I am 34 inch waist and 31 inch leg, i bought the medium size and they are a good fit with a bit of room to spare. Hope this helps Cheers
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    Orvis £25 off if you spend £50 or over with code WLDWC20

    Hi Guys Maybe of use to someone, i just checked and code is working. Cheers Garry
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    Greys Streamflex MK1 Rod (up to and including 9ft)

    Hi Mate Thanks for the offer, i forgot to mention i have the length of rods covered over 9ft length, although not Greys. I will have to edit my thread. Thanks Garry
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    Greys Streamflex MK1 Rod (up to and including 9ft)

    Hi Guys Im looking for possibly any MK1 Streamflex rod in any configuration, up to and including 9ft apart from a 8ft #4 which i allready have. Please pm if you have anything. Cheers
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    Taffs Well River Taff

    No probs mate If your only thinking of fishing the Taff in the aeas you mention, Garry Evans do a season ticket for the Taff, for probably half the price of joining the club. Cheers
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    Fly line for small rivers

    Another vote for the smallstream, i have it in a 3# but also works well on my 4# rod
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    Taffs Well River Taff

    Guys if you have trouble joining Taffs Well Look at joining the Ospreys they have from Upperboat to Abercynon , also the Rhonnda and the Beacons resouvoir for £65 a year, a real bargain, and a great bunch of guys Cheers
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    My nearest Stillwater is 20 miles away, i prefer to fish the river though. My nearest river i am able to fish is about 3 miles plus away, i do travel light. You seem to have forgotten waders for the river in your list of gear. The better rivers near me are probably around 12 miles away. Cheers
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    So how far do you need to walk yourself to your nearest fishing venue? River or Stillwater? Cheers
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    From what i thought Mark Drakeford said this afternoon, you could only play Golf or Fish if you walked to the venue. Unless thats changed in the meantime But hes allowed to ride his bike to his allotment supposidly Cheers
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    The Welsh Government mentioned today. If i understand it to be correct. You can go fishing or play Golf locally, as long as you walk to the venue, and not drive. Dont think you would be able to play golf or fish by the time you got there with your gear, as youd be knackered. But on a side note...
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    Hello from South Wales

    Welcome Ieuan I am also from Cardiff, you have come to the right place on here. Theres some great guys, with a wealth of knowledge,all usually willing to help you out. Cheers Garry
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    New Air Rifle

    Its a .22 mate Thats all i ever owned many years ago. i also think i would have bought it if it was .177 also, so i dont mind really. I just need for travel restrictions to be eased now so i can go pick it up. Cheers
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    New Air Rifle

    Thanks for all the advice guys I have just put a deposit down on a used Air Arms S510 Carbine Superlite in Hunter Green. It comes with scope, 2x10 shot magazines a bipod and a hard case. The superlite was my choice as i suffer from Tennis Elbow. Cheers
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    Wanted 9’6 3wt nymphing/dry fly rod

    Hi Mate What range of rod are you looking for? Is it top end or a lower range model? Cheers
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    New Air Rifle

    Didnt know you could advertise for air rifles on this forum? If so you could have some competition ha ha Cheers Garry:)
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    Line recommendation, please

    I have a small steam #3 lovely line, and great service from Mike (y)
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    New Air Rifle

    A pump is definately ot of the running mate. My body and Lungs couldnt take it:)