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    Degreasing a tippet

    Now if some bright marketing ****** in the line manufacturing game reads this and above link all they need to do is Ar O2 plasma treat the line and it'll cut through the surface. Dread to think what they'll call it. Or what they will charge for it !!
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    Wanted: Trout & Salmon magazine- September 2007

    Flies arrived this morning Rich,Thanks very much they are Quality flies. Will let you know how I get on with them. Regards Mark
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    Wanted: Trout & Salmon magazine- September 2007

    Hi Richfish. I have the trout and salmon you are after and you are welcome to have it, I'm just outside Newport Shropshire if you want to pick it up or I will post it to you just let me know Cheers. Mark
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    Bibio's & Kate's

    Great flies, Out of interest what would be the third fly in your top three top dropper flies ?
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    World Masters Galway Ireland

    Well done Jackie, Fished with Jackie about 10 years ago at Kylemore, a top guide and great fun for a days fishing.
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    Maxima Fluorocarbon

    Not intended as another debate over the merits of the two, but has any body tried the Maxima Fluoroarbon and how does it compare in diameter to standard maxima and say riverge fluorocarbon
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    Vyrnwy 2015

    Hi Grayling4 went out end of march Hotel end 16 fish to the boat all browns (all returned ) sinking lines and Black and silver dabbler caught most of the fish , Weather was biting cold and had enough by 3 o,clock, strange thing was all the fish were in really good nick obviously been feeding on...
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    Fishing near Newport,Shropshire.

    PH75 You need to try the Royal oak at ellerdine heath ( Known locally as the Tiddly ) usually six real ales on offer, a good country pub
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    For Gods sake I need advice

    I Have a fishing wife and would recommend it, days away in country hotels etc Two Incidents stick in my mind though Whilst fishing a lough in ireland she was bemoaning the fact that her cast had landed 6ft in front of the boat like a ''bag of washing'' only for her to hook a 6lb grilse, and...
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    Dirt cheap fly reel

    I Have one the ''expensive'' ones all off £12.00 and its fantastic where do you think the reels sold in the UK for £100.00 come from