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  1. campsiefisher

    China imports

    fisher said: In the quest for me to find the screws for your boat seat it transpired that it was made in China ( probably unknown to you ) hence the reason for me returning it to you for refund. !!! ----------------------------------- The original Rutland boat seat I have with an...
  2. campsiefisher

    Fulling mill flouo v2

    Seaguar Red Label, been using it for years as have a lot of friends about £15 for 200 yards, including postage from USA, you can buy it on ebay, takes about 7days for delivery (outdoorsports) or 1000yards for about £40 many comp anglers also use it. Best regards Jim
  3. campsiefisher

    Glencoe, Rubbish!!

    Quite a few years while i was in Germany visiting a relative, I was out doing a bit of last minute shopping in the city centre before going home, and I noticed a bunch of skinheads on the other side of the road, maybe six of them, walking towards me, and as they got closer one of them pointed in...
  4. campsiefisher

    Jackie Charlton

    I suppose one of my claims to fame is i shared the same digs with Jack when his house was being built in Ballina, he used to fish the River Moy, unlike myself there were no cheap stretches of water for him he fished the world famous Ridge pool, I may have (quite by accident) *cough* taken some...
  5. campsiefisher

    Strange Capture Today

    Well done to the young lad. It may not be caught that often, which may make it more satisfying for him.
  6. campsiefisher

    Fish finders?

    As with Col, i have used it on unknown large waters, or to guage depths in familiar places, or drop offs in places like Carron, never bother with the alarm or looking for fish. I don't find them too necessary as you can check the Bathymetrical Survey map of most large Scottish waters these days.
  7. campsiefisher

    Conger v Pike...

    An eel definitely Jimmy, this must have been almost 20 years ago, we were out with Padraic who's dad invented the Kelly Kettle, (funnily enough i met him at the lake 2 years ago, when he was over with the Irish lads) he was kinda astonished too at the time. It wasn't a very eventful day as he...
  8. campsiefisher

    Loch leven

    Here's one safely returned last week by a friend, caught on buzzers, as Scotty says Leven trout are their own strain of trout and wild
  9. campsiefisher

    Conger v Pike...

    First time fishing Loch Conn, it was a quiet day not much doing, around the middle of the Loch, then all of a sudden there was an almighty splash on the surface to the side of our boat, and a large eel and pike were fighting thrashing around on the surface. Even our Ghillie had never seen such...
  10. campsiefisher

    How to make CDC float

    Geo, Probably intended or useful-ish for skating along the top of the water when you have a nice wave to induce a take, though i can think of better flies for making a wake, ie: hogs muddlers. If you want to try some dry grunters pop me your address by message and i'll send you a couple. Best...
  11. campsiefisher

    How to make CDC float

    Geo, Davie McPhail via Fulling Mill, seem to have taken Grant Luke's Grunter and made it a wet :rolleyes: dear doctor. The Grunter used mostly at the lake is a dry, which you can dress in CDC and partridge and a body of your own colours to try and imitate a mayfly, otherwise you are sort of...
  12. campsiefisher

    Shakespeare electric outboard motor

    No that's for a bison outboard. It will not fit a shaky. Kpspares will have the part you want, I've ordered from them previously.
  13. campsiefisher

    Droppers and % fish caught on them

    A slightly different answer to eddleston's question, is there can, and will be different scenarios. I have had fish take my point buzzer, when straight lining a team of buzzers, then swim upwards and take my dropper buzzer on more than one occasion. Circumstances will change according to how...
  14. campsiefisher

    Lake of Menteith / Springwatch tonight

    I'm on the Lake on the 13th too Jim, will have a chat with you then 👍
  15. campsiefisher

    Socially-distanced boat fishing?

    If i'm playing a fish at the time, he can wait :cool:
  16. campsiefisher

    Lake of Menteith / Springwatch tonight

    On the Lake this Saturday, I have missed fishing, can't wait. Best regards Jim
  17. campsiefisher

    100 plus CDC emergers, yellow owls etc

    ** NOW SOLD *** Moving over to completely barbless so have over 100 cdc emergers from Yellow owls to owl variants, midge to uv throat root beer emergers etc.. (see pics) £25 posted just to get them to someone who'll use them, good fish takers, used, some possibly not, these are not shop bought...
  18. campsiefisher

    Hooked on scotland

    My apologies pentland it was the book i seen, not the video, old age doesn't come alone ;) Best regards Jim
  19. campsiefisher

    Broken rod tip

    There's a rod tip for sale for £25 on simply fishing. Best regards Jim
  20. campsiefisher

    Understanding Mono

    You appear to be the solitary person in the whole thread looking for data sheets, does anyone need such data with other non everyday items such as sellotape masking-tape duct-tape to help them make an informed decision when to use one over the other ? No matter who is using fluo it's wrong (end...