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    Orvis fly tying bits - no fur n feather?

    Hi folks - just wondering if Orvis have gone soft & turned into bunny huggers on us.... Went onto the website to cash in the £25 off when you spend £50 code as I was hoping to top up my minkie strips, However - no minkie/zonker strips, no crosscut rabbit fur ..... So i looked around the site...
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    Chew updates

    Hi gang - Any reports on methods/ areas - looks like i'm fishing there this Sunday (boat) I couldn't find much in the way of reports on BW website Any reports appreciated Cheers
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    Winter hints & tips for rainbows on small stillwaters

    Hi all - just wondering if you have any nuggets of info re: the thread title, I'm fishing a winter league on a smallish Stillwater between now & March, Rules are 3 flies max, barbless hooks (it's c&r) & no boobies. You fish 6 pegs - 1 hour per peg. & you basically do a circuit of the lake by...
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    Troutmasters final 2019

    Hi there - so just wondering if any fellow forum members are taking part in this year's extravaganza?
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    Going barbless - recommendations pleeeese!

    Hi Gang - I've decided that going forward I'm going to tie all my flies on "proper" barbless, Just wondering what you guys can recommend for: Small lures & trad wets Nymphs Blobs Dries Any pointers greatly appreciated - even if it's what not to use! Cheers JR
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    Troutmasters final 2018

    Hi gang - just wondering if any fellow forumites are fishing the final week Monday?
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    TEFF bank final - farmoor or chatton?

    Hi gang - I've heard from rumour control that the bank final is being switched from farmoor to chatton. Website still says farmoor - but then updates are historically hit & miss on the site. Does anyone know which venue it is? Cheers JR
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    Effective depth for electrofishing

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows the effective depth for electrofishing & what the maximum depth that electrofishing can be carried out? Tried google but no joy, Hoping someone on here has some electrofishing experience - or knows someone who has, Cheers,
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    FIPS mouche rules

    Hi all - does anyone have a link to fips mouche rules? I can find event specific ones for past events but no standard or generic rules. I ask as I'm fishing a comp (qualifier) this weekend to fips mouche rules & in the rules that I could find on the net it states that you can't fish the water...
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    Dead fish - River Fowey - any news?

    Hi all, My better half went shopping at Trago Mills today, text me saying there were LOTS of large dead fish around the car park & restaurant area - by the time she left the EA were in attendance - doesn't look good, I can't find anything in the news or on the net about it - just wondering if...
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    Tips for drying wings

    Hi there, A shooting friend has given me some (frozen) wings, hen pheasant, mallard & teal. Just wondering what's the best way drying them? Cheers JR
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    Red Grouse feathers

    Hi gang, A shooting friend has recently returned from the Yorkshire moors & has brought a bag of red grouse feathers back for me as he knows I attempt a bit of fly tying! They are mainly cape, neck & back/rump feathers, Never seen them before & was wondering if there are any patterns they are...
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    Hi gang - just been through a few threads in the casting section & "tracking" has been mentioned a couple of times recently, I'm basically wondering what tracking is, what are the signs of bad tracking & what's the result of bad tracking with a cast? And let's assume I have bad tracking (a...
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    Grafham atteff qualifier result?

    Hi gang - I see the result for this qualifier is pending an "official enquiry" Anyone got any gossip/news? I assume someone has stretched the rules too far?? :confused: Cheers, JR
  15. J

    Comp legal blob hooks?

    Hi gang, Can you recommend me a pattern or two of hooks suitable for tying blobs/fabs on that comply to loch style rules. Cheers, JR
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    Roll casting lines?

    Hi all, I have had a bit of instruction on performing the roll cast, I'm far from perfect but I now have a functional cast! I really like it & think it could come in handy in a few "tight" swims on some of the waters I fish. I was wondering are there lines out there designed for roll casting...
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    National final Bewl

    Just wondering if anyone has heard any results through the grapevine? Can't find anything on the net yet - maybe I'm being impatient!
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    Foam Daddy step by step request

    Hi gang - searched the step by step section looking for a guide for tying up some foam daddies but no joy. Can someone point me in the right direction please?
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    breathable wafer repair glue

    Hi gang! I have a pair of breathables (vision) & they came with a few patches for doing diy repairs with. Just wondering - what's the best glue/adhesive to use? They don't leak at the moment - but being realistic they will one day! Cheers Oh & that should be wader not wafer in the title -...
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    Go afloat comp stithians ressie July 4th

    Hi all - for any sw based tubers & kayakers there is a friendly evening comp at Stithians resevoir this Saturday - details on sw lakes trust trout fishing pages (sorry I'm one of those dorks who can't do links!) Last year there was a variety of water craft including a Canadian canoe along with...