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    He's Fallen in the Water,( High pitched Squeaky voice)

    I have fallen in twice in the last two years might be because I've a dodgy left ankle due to rheumatoid arthritis or my balance is slightly wonky,I'm near 62,but the best one yet in the no fool like an old fool happened Tuesday,the bin was full I climbed in to said bin and it didn't like that...
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    Furled leaders

    Definitely Mr T's furled leaders I bought a few from him last year and I'm still using them
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    Social Distancing

    similar situation sea fishing I used to be in a sea angling club and fished competitions,one night while fishing a comp the surfers decided that they wanted to share the same bit of water as me I soon got the hump and so on went a six oz lead and half a dozen casts in among the surfers they got...
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    The Feather Bender's Flytying Techniques

    I have the book and I think it worth having but I think there's nothing in it that you wouldn't pick up watching his YouTube channel,I just have a thing about fly fishing and fly tying books
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    Biggest ever wild Brownie in UK waters.

    I'm surprised that only one post has mentioned dollaghan,that's one lump of a fish for any river but it certainly isnt the biggest to ever be caught as posted by shuck raider and he's right about it being kept quiet except it's an open secret among trout anglers in northern Ireland
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    Best knot

    Thanks to all for taking time to reply ×
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    Best knot

    Best knot for joining two different breaking strains/diameters of line
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    Anyone dealt with serious fishing

    I know deliveries have really slowed down because of covid19 but there's no excuse for lack of communication
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    Anyone dealt with serious fishing

    I know the bloke that owns/manages serious fishing he's a straight person if there's a problem ring him and he will do all he can to sort it out,his name is Neil he's been in the fishing and shooting business for a long time he used to work for Moore's in Royal Avenue Belfast then was there when...
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    How to make CDC float

    Have never tied or tried snow show but I must give it ago,last night they were taking duns,spinners and sedge and emerging or crippled flies
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    How to make CDC float

    I did try Wyatts dhe,and it's a fly I really like but last night there was no interest in it at all,I'd fish on spiders the cdc sedge and even RS2 size 18,and they did take the sedge right back every time so each one was a forceps job
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    How to make CDC float

    This might add to the confusion about cdc,I'd four or five fish tonight on a cdc sedge after each fish was released a quick rinse and a few false casts then dried off with amadou and float away again no problem,no floantant of any type used
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    Risk Assessment for a Trout Fishing Weekend

    I'm glad that fifty years ago none of this risk assessment stuff was about,no cycling around eight miles to get to the river,no fishing without adult supervision,no fly fishing in case you book someone or yourself,what a boring youth that would have been
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    Furled leaders

    Another vote for Mr T
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    Recommend a 10’ 3wt please

    Daiwa lexa 9'/10' 3#/4# just my tuppence worth
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    Never leave to early...

    I used to love fishing the last hour of dark into dawn and the duskinto dark but now age and health have changed my habits I tend to fish in the evenings into dark
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    The Curse I think it's called

    PM me your address and I'll send you a few Griffiths gnat no charge
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    At long last.....

    Great post and congratulations on fulfilling your dream
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    What's the most technically demanding.....

    so who has the biggest so far 😂
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    The problem with 'fish locally' if that's a condition of starting fishing again

    I've had two letters telling me I've to shield for twelve weeks and to be honest I'm peed about it but if everyone can get to fish and I can't because of my health problems that's fine by me,just because I can't go out to play doesn't mean no one else is allowed out to play