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    Biggest ever wild Brownie in UK waters.

    × it’s states a catch of a lifetime, I think that same fellow may have had bigger!
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    BG hairs for Pike flies

    I bought a few new materials from Bogdan Gawlik and have tried a few basic Medium sized pike patterns to compare them. Photos and weights taken before eyes and resin added to give more accurate comparisons. All approx 6.5” and on 5/0s, I know weights are likely to be variable based on my tying...
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    Fulling mill flouo v2

    I did once get a dud spool of 6lb FM flouro soon after it was launched but it’s been fine since. I did use it a lot, but I don’t find it a stellar flouro, but good VFM. Recently I’ve started to use Berkley big game flouro for pike and bass leaders, and it’s excellent (stiff, abrasion resistant...
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    A question for Rod Builders

    That’s a fair enough reason. I do like the convenience of 4 piece rods, until I’m chest deep and feel a loose joint. I can see rod makers, in a how to market even more rods to blokes that don’t need an excuse to buy more rods, going back to a 2 piece option, “for greater xyz” and we will all buy...
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    A question for Rod Builders

    If you’re going to glue them, why bother with whipping them also? I’m sure the fight glue will be fine on it’s own. They won’t need the whipping for strength, the joints are obviously strong enough as they are when a four piece. So unless you’re Filling in gaps in the spigot (assuming it’s not...
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    Very Koma like, especially the wide spool.
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    a small cast from mullingar

    Probably the authors favoured flies on Ennell and Owel, hence the reference.
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    Greys GRXi reels. What have i missed?

    I noticed that too. I have a 9/11 I was going to take the lines off and flog at those prices. I have it as a backup for the salmon lines I rarely use, imho it does a job but it probably my least favourite reel of the 30 or so I own.
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    Sea trout

    Can I ask how you’re mounting the stinger hook on the 5th pattern and what’s the stinger hook pattern. I’ve been using partridge stingers for a while and a lovely hook, but not the easiest to get seated as I like ( I usually take pliers to the eye before tying).
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    Peter Ross - fiddly size!

    Super flies. It’s a great pattern for drifting on the loughs during buzzer hatches. I’ve occasionally fished three on a cast!
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    What line is this, fellas...

    Did you get that for £18.10 plus £3.20 postage? I think I was biding on that but forgot the time and missed out! Got a much more used one for 9.99 plus postage, which will be ok for the purpose i bought it for.
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    Goretex repairs

    And after use, tape or cling film the cap and stick it in the freezer. Lasts for ages.
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    I'm waiting on one - ordered a month+ ago, still in china. Last delivery took two months. I'll post something when it arrives.
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    How to carry your bits and bobs if wearing a life jacket?

    my man servant or ghillie carries the net, but on their day off I have a couple of options as I never liked the sling over the wave hopper. When it’s grilse time I use a sharpes sea trout net or wychwood one, both with really deep nets (net bunches up a bit with a weak elastic band) hanging from...
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    How to carry your bits and bobs if wearing a life jacket?

    When not wearing my wave hopper (Usually after deployment!) I wear aauto life jacket with the max catch chest pack underneath the life jacket, it’s small enough not to hinder the jacket deployment and you can open the pack easily. The wave hopper (Or similar) is a great investment btw, they are...
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    Prescription sunglasses

    If you want to keep it simple and cheap, get the spec savers polarised lenses. For general fishing they are fine, indeed the last pair I got last year were a marked improvement over previous lenses for fish spoting. Their yellow lenses also make great dusk glasses. If you need that extra 5%...
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    Co Poly help

    That’s what I initially thought it was, but looks to be in the finish and not on it. I have given it a wipe but I’ll look to give it a better scrub and see. That’s
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    Co Poly help

    Afternoon all I built a nextackle 9’ 2 in March, and although I got out with it then for an hour, it had its first real outing last week. I fished for perhaps 4 hours, 2 of which it rained heavily, I put the rod in a large open transport tube with a couple of others. I took It out out when I...
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    Silk lines on fast rods

    I just ordered my first silk line. Ordered a four weight half line in terracotta from Terenzio as the least expensive way to try a quality silk line. It’s destined for use on a Clearwater 9’ #4 and a Zephrus 9’ #4. If I get on with it, i will look at other tapers and full lines. I built a line...
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    Battenkill C&P spools fit a BBS