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    Adam's Poly Emerger

    Tying a few before i go over & have a look at the river.Might still be brown though.This is a favourite pattern.Fairly long wing of bonnie craft cord.Floats good & fairly visible
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    Underlining with barrio mallard lines

    Hello all .Wondering if other people underline with DT mallard lines.I find them quite thick at the tip compared with other dt lines I have used in the past.Seems to cast well enough underlining by one.Currently using a 2wt line on a 3wt rod.I do like the line though.If they sold 1wt DT i would...
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    Slidable Dry Dropper Rig.

    Slidable dry dropper.I came across this years back on troutbitten.But have modified it slightly.Just by using a double fo8 loop instead of the single loop.I find it much stronger as i would get some break-offs using the single loop.I also often use the double loop for nymphing rigs.I normally...
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    Griffiths Gnat & Renegade dry flies or not

    Dry flies that work just as good or better bellow the surface.The Griffiths Gnat & the Renegade are two.I have kind of been neglecting the brilliant Griffiths Gnat for years.But finally managed to buy some midge saddles a while back.So easy now tying small gnats with the midge saddles.Seems a...
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    Micro Mop Emerger

    With the lockdown i have already tied up my favourite patterns.Now i am just downright bored.It will probably catch fish though.That's when we eventually get fishing again.
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    Cased Caddis life cycle

    Hello all Wondering is the cased caddis life cycle only one year.Although i fish a peeping caddis at times.I find fishing free swimming patterns catch more consistantly year round.I do best if i match what colour the larva is inside cased caddis in my rivers.Olive'Chartreuse or White/Cream work...
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    Appleby Olive shrimp/caddis

    A favourite winter grayling fly.Appleby Olive shrimp/caddis.Think i will start to carry this one year round.I have never been one for fishing scud czech type flies in late spring summer.But this one has become a favourite.I am sure it will work after rain in summer too.Cheers
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    Tying some Soft hackle Mops

    It took me years to try the mop fly.But my god they can catch well at times.The grayling love them if tied fairly small.Been stealing bits from my dogs toys.
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    Line twist using a yarn indy

    Hello all.Trying to come up with a line twist problem with my tightline nymphing leader.Ok when the wind becomes a problem.Or i want to fish where i can't wade over to.I usually stick on a small yarn indy.But it twists up & kinks my mono sighter & leader.The only thing i can think of is try a...
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    Micro Thin Spanish nymph leaders

    Hello all.Over the years my nymph leaders have got thinner & thinner.I was using level 10lb maxima for my leader then sighter for a few years.I am at 6lb maxima & think that's where i will stay.My leader is 25ft 6lb maxima chameleon.4ft sighter pezon color line in either .16 or .14mm...
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    Traxion1LW 5/6 Fly Reel

    Hello all.Just bought this reel for nymphing as it has a full cage.Wondering if anyone has one of these.If i pull line out it seems fairly smooth.But when reeling in line its a bit stiff.If i push the handle **** to make the reel spin .It only makes about one rotation.Much stiffer than any other...
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    Vass 740 mega stud waders

    Hello all.,Don't know how much longer i can get out my Pros waders.After there about 18 months old they leak like a sieve.Constantly fixing leaks now on them.Anyway looking at buying these before the winter starts. Vass 740 SuperNova Chest High Waders - Mega Studs Anyone using them.Are they any...
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    daiichi 1110

    Hello all.Whats the hook gape like on these hook in the smaller sizes.Cheers
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    Snow shoe 'usual'

    Tying a few Usuals for when i get home from work in 3 weeks.I love the usual for duo/trio flies.It floats so well.I tend to sub Bonnie cord for the wing though.Saves me using as much snowshoe.Think snowshoe is getting difficult to buy now. This one without the tail.More an emerger version.The...
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    Sakasa Kebari variant

    Messing about as it's raining heavy again(rivers bursting again) One of my favourite patterns with or without the beads.Cheers
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    tmc 2488

    Anyone know where you can buy these hooks smaller than size 20 in the Uk.Been using these hooks in size 20 & love the wide gape .Cheers all
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    Figure of eight loops & figure of eight knots.

    I love the figure of eight knot.I find it very strong & reliable.I make my droppers like Kelly Gallup these days. Kelly uses a perfection loop .But i find a figure of eight loop faster & stronger. Drop Shot System and Sliding Dropper Loop - Guided Fly Fishing Madison River | Lodging | Kelly...
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    Bonnie Cord New Zealand Indicators

    I ordered some Amazon Bonnie cord recently to try.It was windy yesterday so gave a Bonnie yarn indicator a try out.I must say it floats better than any other yarns i have tried.I gave it a dose of dilly wax when i started that was it.It seemed imposible to buy before in the Uk.Amazon has a good...
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    Pearsalls Silk or Alternative

    Hello all. I want to tie a few partridge & orange spiders.Haven't fished them in years.( is it 6A Pearsalls Silk).Also want to tie some Pritt's Winter Brown spiders .What thread is it for the winter brown .Think i might have the 6A at home not sure about for the winter brown.Cheers all
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    Flourocarbon Coated Monofilament

    Hello all.Just back from working .Anyway ordered some konger Steelon flourocarbon coated mono.Just been having a stretch of 0.14 & 0.12 stuff.It seems incredibly strong stuff.Not sure the diameter is as thin as stated on the spool.I do prefer nymphing with flourocarbon as the materials stiffness...