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    BG hairs for Pike flies

    I bought a few new materials from Bogdan Gawlik and have tried a few basic Medium sized pike patterns to compare them. Photos and weights taken before eyes and resin added to give more accurate comparisons. All approx 6.5” and on 5/0s, I know weights are likely to be variable based on my tying...
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    Co Poly help

    Afternoon all I built a nextackle 9’ 2 in March, and although I got out with it then for an hour, it had its first real outing last week. I fished for perhaps 4 hours, 2 of which it rained heavily, I put the rod in a large open transport tube with a couple of others. I took It out out when I...
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    Battenkill C&P spools fit a BBS

    Does any know if the current battenkill click and pawl series spools fit the previous Battenkill BBS? Specially the BBSII and III. All specs look the same. if anyone has both of the same size, would you mind trying it out for me? Thanks
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    Silk lines on fast rods

    I’ve been looking to get ‘into silk’ for a while now, river dries on a 4 weight. I don’t like soft/slow/full actioned rods (call them what you will), and the rivers I fish don’t like them either (strong downstream prevailing winds, very exposed), so if I was to go slow I’d be upping to a #5...
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    River Thoughtful Fishing Books

    Afternoon does anyone know anything about this company, are they trading during Covid 19 or not? I ordered a couple of books online nearly 3 weeks ago and only got the PayPal receipt as confirmation. Subsequent mails and calls not answered. I don’t want to go back through PayPal if I can help...
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    Snowbee Geo340 as new

    Used twice, 3/4 size, 3.1”/80mm diameter, 122g. Takes a WF4F + 50 yards of gel spun braid. I’ll leave the gel spun on it. Cracking reel, machined with disc drag and very smooth. £85 which includes 3-5 day postage to UK (Insured) or next day within Ireland (signed for) Buyer pays PayPal fees...
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    Orvis battenkill mid arbour V reel and/or spools

    As title, any colour. I’d prefer spools but would but the reel if any one has one or more going. Thanks
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    Jungle cock versus 3D eyes

    My JC cape is about empty and rather than buy one blind during lockdown I’ve been using 3D eyes (Bogdans) on some sea trout tubes. Nothing unusual in that, but then started to think, how many of you routinely use 3D eyes on salmon flies, wether that’s tubes or traditional hooks, rather than JC...
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    Lockdown mornings - box fillers

    Hares ears. Mostly in 16s, a couple in 14s.
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    New build Bloke XL50 Switch #6

    I got my lockdown project this week, a lightweight switch rod. I understand the rating is for trout weight lines. Arrived in a cardboard tube, with rod bag, sensei epoxy, guides and thread, with a spacing chart using Clemens formula. Grips and reel seat already fitted, with winding check...
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    Shakespeare Agility 2 10’ #3

    Sold Bought as a backup, used once for 30 mins. Pristine. It’s got single leg snakes which aren’t to my liking so selling. £35/€40 + postage or North County Dublin pickup I will price around for best UK postage, or if buyer can wait a week or so I will post from NI to minimise cost
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    First build help

    Ok, so I got my kit, the Nextackle 9’ #2. I’ve a few queries on what I need to do next, if anyone would be so kind to help a novice. The handle has came already partially cut out for the reel seat, however when I match he seat upto the cork, there’s another coupe of mm to take off. First...
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    Tube fly dryer

    I usually dry tube flies with pins inserted to enable them to be gripped on the plastic display clamps, but don’t like this method, and it’s no use when adding epoxy/resin eyes. So rather than take to my stonefly fly wheel with a drill, I used a shooting head spool, figuring that if it wears it...
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    Big water sea trout

    I want a sea trout fly style for daytime fishing in a flood, the sort of water that usually has you reaching for a spinnning rod. Anyway, I took inspiration from a deceiver style pike fly, and created this attempt. What style do the rest of you fish in such water? Hook: waddington shank with...
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    NEXTackle advance 9’ #2 - first real build

    Evening all I’m thinking about building this kit from BFC fly fishing. Has anyone any experience of this kit? I’ve built some rods 30 years ago, shrimping rods from Avon blanks - although these were built to be purely functional (i used glass fibre resin on the whippings!), so bulletproof...
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    Which rotary vice (to hide the hook point)

    Evening all, I need a new vice, it must be true on-axis rotary, and price point up to the Snowbee Waldron. I don't live near enough to tackle shops that stock multiple brands so looking to narrow it down, so if I make a trip it'll not be wasted. Despite watching lots of online video reviews...
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    How colour fast is trying thread?

    I’ve relocated fly trying station and I currently keep my threads on a sewing rack in a drawer in my desk. I now have room for them on the wall at my new desk, but unsure if they may fade being permanently exposed. They wouldn’t get direct sunlight at the moment, but might do in the summer...
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    French leader for mullet

    I’ve mullet fished on and off for 30+ years, recently mostly on the fly, with the expected level of success fly fishing for mullet brings. I’ve been having one of those late November day dreams at work and just thought, French leader for mullet! Anyone try it? On a couple of estuaries and areas...
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    Snap links for Pike flies

    What do you use between trace and pike fly? I generally tie on filling mill pike fly hooks but cannot get a snap that I’m happy with (I’m using authanic wire then I want a snap link to fly). The bend in the Berkley cross loks won’t go round the eye, I tried Seible (excuse spelling) links but...
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    You know you're getting old when...

    This last year I've had to start wearing reading glasses and to be fair I am back enjoying fly tying, however, tonight I've done something I've never even previously contemplated. While completing my order with John Norris, I added not one, but two, of their tattersall shirts. What is next...