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  1. tangled

    Water Temperature

    My local lake is now reading 23C and the fish are smooching around on the bottom, not interested in much. Pretty hopeless fishing though you can get a random suicide occasionally. But fighting a fish in those temperatures seems cruel. I've just had an email from another club that runs the...
  2. tangled

    Achtung Ants!

    ... First flying ant spotted!
  3. tangled

    Understanding Fly Line to Leader Connections

    This is an an attempt to put everything we know about connecting fly lines and leaders in a single place. If you can add anything to it or feel it needs to be corrected, please reply in the usual way. It currently does not have a section on furled leaders - comments welcome. Introduction How...
  4. tangled

    Rod Storage

    I'm unreasonably pleased with this Gutter brackets, £1.20 each
  5. tangled

    Chalk Springs Visit

    Chalk Springs I've wanted to go to Chalk Springs for many years, not sure why really it just had the reputation of a very good fishery - crystal clear spring water, sight fishing and stalking, short casting and light tackle. And as my club is not currently allowing guests, going to a public...
  6. tangled

    Leaked Plan for Return to Normal

    We should be in first phase if true. Government's roadmap to ease Covid-19 restrictions will be set out in 5 phases. These phases will be on 3 week review process, the current phases would commence on the following dates: Phase 1 - 18th May Phase 2 - 8th June Phase 3 - 29th June Phase 4 - 20th...
  7. tangled

    Fly Acceptability Chart

    For the sake of argument ... Fill your boots ...
  8. tangled

    Double Issue

    I hardly ever need to double haul but lately I’ve needed to. Ive lost the mojo. The haul works and the line flies but the leader lands in a pile with a good few feet of fly line ahead of the leader. To say that the line is not turning over is a massive understatement. Any obvious faults to look...
  9. tangled

    What is it with this place?

    Every thread I drop in on seems to have the same people haranguing each other over nothing. God knows what newbies think; probably that they'll get jumped on the moment they open their mouths. If they've got any sense they'll go elsewhere. Can we PLEASE stop jumping down people's throat just...
  10. tangled

    Understanding Mono

    Introduction There is a vast range of monofilament (mono) line available to anglers and there is much debate about what brand and which material is 'best'. Myths abound and anglers will often get into heated argument about the advantages of one product or material over another. Unfortunately...
  11. tangled

    It's Daddy Time!

    I reckon the daddy longlegs (Cranefly) is the commoners mayfly. It's not limited to the posh rivers and irish lakes; it's everywhere and for all of us. Not only that, the fly is so huge so you can always see it and watch the trout come up for it. I've caught loads of fish this year on a dry...
  12. tangled

    Rise patterns

    Yesterday I took only a small box of dry flies to my little lake as I've been experimenting a bit. I was using mostly fairly large daddies and smaller detached body parachute flies. The takes were quite varied, the first form being the classic head and tail, slow porpoise, I think these are...
  13. tangled

    Dying individual feathers

    Anyone found a method of dying individual feathers rather than whole capes? Generally I only need half a dozen of something, it seems a better idea to have one white cape and a lot of dyes. Maybe disassembling a pile of marker pens or somesuch?
  14. tangled

    Waterboatmen (corixa)

    I was fishing a small lake today that was covered with corixa - thousands of them skating over the surface but not a single rise to them. How come?
  15. tangled

    Bonkers Salmon ladder/pump

    This is totally mad Twitter / ? I wonder if anyone uses it.
  16. tangled

    Wing Mirrors - oops

    Took my newbie mate out yesterday and described the various classical methods that you can destroy a rod - poking it into the ground while walking, putting it on the ground then stepping on it, crushing it in car doors etc. I then propped my rod up against the car's wing mirror, locked the car...
  17. tangled

    Simon Gawseworth

    Someone posted a massive series of links to Simon Gawseworth casting teaching videos - I've lost it, anyone know them?
  18. tangled

    A morality tale

    Had a few hours in a small C&R lake today. Flat calm, bright sunshine. No chance. I tried, I really tried, with a floating line but they just weren't interested in 'proper' flies - dries, buzzers, various nymphs, whatever. This place is imitation only, small fly only, but I've had an idea for...
  19. tangled

    Salmon Tube Materials

    Has anyone cracked the sizes and sources of bulk materials for tube flies? Inners, middles and outers all matching? Surely someone here has cracked this?
  20. tangled

    Fluorocarbon vs Nylon - Brittleness

    There's been loads of discussion about fluo vs nylon with some lovers and some haters. Fluo has useful properties in that in some circumstances it lives up to the marketing puff of 'invisibility' and it sinks faster than nylon which has its uses. Being hard, it is also abrasion resistant which...