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    The Great Unwashed.

    you go first and tell us what its like
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    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    × Kolcutters
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    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    × × Koldcutters ice studs see I knew it would jog someone's memory
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    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    Best I use are off the Bay ice speedway tyre studs can't remember the name but I'm sure this will jog someones memory not pricy either
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    New Fly rod recommendations

    thats pee ed on his chips poor chap wants (needs) a new rod ;)
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    River Swale

    teach the dogs to shoot
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    Hardy shadow sintrix 220 8ft 6ins 4wt

    Looking for new or as new if any one is interested Cheers iain
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    Wychwood chest pack/rucksack

    I don't think it's big enough nice enough kit though looks a it like a William Joseph lookalike
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    New 3/4 wt Custom Reel

    anyone remember captain sensible
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    sinking the tippet with pva?

    is that the same stuff as rainex which is a water repellant i have used it for wiping my fly line with to clean it and help it float the stuff i put in my fullers earth mix is glycerin and some rinse aid for the dishwasher and some fairy
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    New tippet

    sorry capn you got impolymer twice there oh and can we have rolypolymer for for the chubbies please
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    Advice please on Wading Boots

    I'll go along with Scotty simms headwaters tough as and easy to get on and off great support. I've bought all sorts rather than cough up for a pair of simms but when this pair give up I'll get another pair
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    Line Recommendation for a 9’ 3wt Vision Cult

    how about a barrio slx very similar to wullf but a lot less cash also a line i like is the wychwood presentation charles jardine cant guarantee but it may be superseded by the connect lp version good luck
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    8’4” #3 or #4 rod wanted

    not fancy a 9ft 3wt then
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    River Tees

    thats some fish chris ive fished the tees for a long time and not seen its like i think its the fish that eats the fish that eat the crayfish well done
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    Another Reel !

    i just wish i could go fishing ! even getting excited driving the bride to asda now back on track thats some baby graeme but my fave is still the last one
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    Guideline Wading Staff. Help!

    Priaprism ____ stop giving it viagra immediately
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    Another Custom Reel

    i agree graeme this is the best its the mutses
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    Latest Custom Reel

    Pretty damn tasty graeme best so far I think be careful putting pics on though Mr wu will be knocking them out for cherry bobs before you know it Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
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    New Waders

    we wont know cos theyre your feet take the boots to the shop when you buy the waders