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    'Regal' Reel help.

    I wonder if anyone can help with an old reel belonging to an uncle of mine, which is basically very similar in design to a Hardy Perfect. Here is a picture of it, and a close up of the 'Holdfast' logo - indicating, I think, that it came from Farlows. Unfortunately the pillar onto which the...
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    Test this weekend.

    I've been offered a day's fishing on the Test next weekend. I think the box is reasonably well stocked, but does anyone have any particular suggestions for 'must have' flies for this time of year?
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    Wild Rainbows in Bucks?

    Fred Buller was on Radio 4's Today programme this morning, talking about his Domesday Book of Giant Salmon. In the course of it, he mentioned that wild rainbows were alive and well and still spawning on the Shardeloes estate, near Amersham. I had understood that the Buckinghamshire strain had...
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    West Cork?

    It looks as though I'm going to have a few days in West Cork in mid August - Unionhall/Castletownsend/Glandore area. I'd like to try a bit of swffing, though know very little about it - does anyone have recommendations for locations or, preferably, a guide in the area?
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    Life of fly lines.

    Barring accidental damage, what do members consider to be a reasonable length of life for a fly line (assuming it's not silk)? Secondly, to what extent is this dependent on use? Put another way, if a line is wound onto a reel, but kept dark and cool and only used once or twice a year, how long...
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    Best and worst salmon flies?

    Anyone (including John Gray) have any comment to make on this list?
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    Late Summer on the Test

    I've been offered a day on the Test next week. Any suggestions of particular fly patterns or tactics for this time of year?