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    Welsh Llyn’s advice

    Glad you had a good time. As you may have seen on the Trout and Grayling forum. I was up there the other week and fished pen-y-Garreg which is next one down not so good. We've tried to use the bothy in the past but there was someone in it. So we just go to the campsite at the bottom of the complex
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    He's Fallen in the Water,( High pitched Squeaky voice)

    It was a cold July day 3 years ago and it was cold. I was fishing up at the Teifi pools when I slipped on a rock and fell about 2' in to the lake. I landed on my right knee in 6'' of water. Once my so called friend had stop laughing he came and gave me a hand out. Now we were both advanced...
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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    Got out yesterday up the Elan Valley. And it was another long day Douglas left home at 6:00 back for 22:00.Started fishing around 09:30 on pen-y-Garreg and had 2 nice fish in the first half hour. Then after that it was brutal not a pull or a splash at the flies. The...
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    WF Fly Line

    Have you had a look at these I've used one that was given to me for just over a year now. Casts well no coils and floats high. In fact I was that impressed I've bought another one for my boat fishing. At £25 pounds not to pricey.
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    Social Distancing

    My Club rules are that if you turn up and someone else is already fishing you have to drop in below them. If I turn up and someone is fishing I'll walk along to see if I can find them for a chat. Then go back and start fishing if they are good way up the beat. But if they have not been long...
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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    That looks like a lovely stream. One I'm sure I could take a tumble in with very little effort
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    Day 5

    If your not spooking the fish and they are still rising and you've tried all the flies in your box move on.Look for a fish that will take your offerings.There are parts of the rivers I fish that I don't seem to do well on or blank. As for fly to use try a Stimulator Don't worry...
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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    Out yesterday on the Clun And despite The river being low and the fish being spooky. I still managed to connect with a few fish. Fished the dry fly all day just covering the odd fish that rose or putting the fly in likely places. Ended the day with 8 fish in the net one lost and several mist. A...
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    first this season

    Littering goes on around here on an industrial scale. On a walk up the lane to my local pools today. Someone has dump there old kitchen in a gateway and several begs of rubbish. The council only removed a mattress and bags of garden rubbish last week. Rubbish gets dumped all along the lane which...
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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    First trip to wales this year, I went to the Claerwen with my mate. It was a long day I set out from home at 06:00 returned 22:30 but it was worth it. The condition weren't grate with drizzle and strong winds most of the morning. So it was on with a team wets to start with. we made the wrong...
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    Perch on the fly (outside large reservoirs)

    I had these 2 out of Draycote some years back they took a gosling and I had no trouble detecting the take. I have some out of lough Conn on wet mayfly as well not as big as these 2 and they took positively . My grandad rekond there was only 3 fresh water fish worth eating...
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    Welsh Llyn’s advice

    The Teifi pools are one of my favourite places to wet a line I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. The Elan Valley worth ago as well I'm up there on Wednesday. You could have a look at there's a few on there and it gives you some...
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    Nice Brown.6/7/20

    That's a pretty looking fish. Just got rid of my covid beard and hair don't know who's happier me or the wife :)
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    Difference between a fisherman and a good fisherman

    It's in my top ten of fishing books as well
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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    Went out on the Lugg yesterday. It was a cool damp day considering we are now in July. The river gauge was showing 8'' which is the normal height for the time of year, it doesn't want to drop any more tho. I decided to fish the nymph and only but on a dry fly if I saw fish rising. Fished for a...
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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    × I never fish the duo on the small rivers I fish because of snagging the bottom. The rivers are full of trees and other debris. So I'll fish the pool first with a dry fly and if that dose no good I'll run a nymph through the pool. That way if the I get hooked up on a snag I can usually slid...
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    Difference between a fisherman and a good fisherman

    Time spent on the water or by a river observing. Time spent fishing getting tangled and stuck in trees and learning from your mistakes. The more time you spend doing anything you should get better 😊 Oh by the way I'm not a good fisherman just a happy thrasher
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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    Had a few hours on the Clun Yesterday afternoon. Managed 7 Trout and rose a good number and mist them. The best came from under the bushes on the left and was my best cast of the day Not big but small and beautifully but together
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    Tasty looking pools

    This pool is a bit tricky to get to but its worth the fight through the under growth.It produces some nice Grayling later in year
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    July 2020 caption competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Its a slap in the face for those that won't practice catch and release