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    A tribute to a footballing legend 😎.. hopefully it bags me as many sea trout as he has goals! Hook: size 6 double low water Tag: glo brite 16 Body: glo brite 14 Rib: glo brite 16 Throat hackle: kingfisher blue (hen) Wing: squirrel dyed blue Thread: uni 6/0 black Cheers Ian
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    Teal and Black

    A variant of the original teal and black, tied for Sea Trout. Hook: Partridge low water size 6 Thread: uni black 6/0 Tag: silver flat tinsel Body: Black Seal fur Rib: silver flat tinsel Throat hackle: Black fox squirrel Under wing: Black Fox Squirrel Wing: Teal ×
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    'Coquet Confidential' variant - one for sea trout

    pattern I copied (and slightly changed) from last month's fly fishing and fly tying magazine. Hook :B175 size 8 Thread: uni 6/0 red Tail: GP topping Body: flat silver holographic tinsel Rib: silver wire Throat hackle:Black cock under blue grizzle hen Under wing: white bucktail and 2 strands of...
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    Sea Trout or Salmon?

    Had my first 'night' fish this season last night. I caught it around 1am on a teal blue and silver variant.I weighed it at just over 2.5 lbs. I posted the photo on a facebook page, some think its a salmon, others a sea trout. What do you think?
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    Fishing near Ross on Wye

    Hi all, Will be staying in Ross on Wye from Thursday until Monday. Is it worth taking my fly gear with me? And if so, can anyone point me in the direction of decent fishing nearby? 'm not really interested in course or salmon fishing, but would prefer o do some lake/river/stillwater fishing...
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    Hardy Warranty - Ebay purchase - What would you do?

    I've recently bought a 10ft #7 Hardy Shadow 220 sintrix, brand new from ebay for £285.00. The seller had 100% positive feedback and over 120 sales. He is selling quite a lot of Hardy gear. The listing stated that "this rod has come from a Hardy stockist that has had to close due to the...
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    Wanted - 10ft or 9'6 #7 Sea Trout Rod

    As above. Will be used for night fishing for sea trout. Please PM me
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    Falling Spate

    Hi all, My local river has a decent run of sea trout from June onwards. It's a small river, about 8m wide with a mixture of fast/slow and shallow/deep pools. Last season was my first proper season of targetting them at night, and I have got used to fishing the pools in the darkness when the...
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    Blue Grizzle Hen Cape

    Hi, Could anyone possibly point me in the direction of where to purchase a blue grizzle hen cape? Not looking for kingfisher blue, needs to be darker. Many thanks, Ian
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    Stomach Contents

    Hi Fished a local lake today and ended up taking one of six fish home for the bbq! I've checked the stomach contents...can anyone advise on what these are? I'm thinking damsel nymph and cased caddis?
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    Washing Line - wild brown trout?

    Hi all, Had my first outing on a local lake earlier this week. I fished from the shore with a 18ft leader, GRHE on the point, Diawl Bach in the middle and Cruncher on the top dropper. Within 10 minutes, I had a double hook-up, one on the GRHE and the fish in the photo below (just shy of 1lb)...
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    SOLD Dubbing

    A load of synthetic dubbing and a pack of claret seal fur, black seal fur, hare fur and what I think is mole. £13 posted.
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    SOLD SOLD SOLD Metz Grade 3 Cock Neck - Medium Dun

    Metz Grade 3 Cock Neck - Grade 3 in Medium Dun. Brand New. £33 Price includes postage
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    Regal Vice - UK suppliers?

    Hi, Looking to use the cash I got on my 30th birthday to part-fund the purchase of a regal vice. I'm looking for the pedestal base version. I see that Orvis have them for £259, does anyone know of any UK suppliers that can beat that price? Thanks Ian
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    Claret Bumble Muddler

    One for the top dropper in a big wave. Thread: black Tag: holo tinsel Tail: Glo Brite 4 Rib: Oval Gold tinsel Body: claret seal's fur Body hackle: Claret cock Head hackle: Blue Guinea Fowl Head: Natural Deer Hair Thanks for looking 🙂
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    Cheap...ish fly box

    Hi, Bought an Aventik fly box from Amazon yesterday afternoon for just £8, it arrived this morning. I like the foam slots, but the lid crushes the wings/hackle. Anyone bought any cheap boxes in a similar style to this one that are deep enough for keeping bushy or winged wet flies? Diolch Ian
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    Starling wing substitute - Greenwell

    Hi, Looking to tie a few Greenwell wets. I don't have starling wings, but do have mallard and teal wings. Can either of these be used instead, or is it recommended to stick to the starling? Cheers, Ian
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    Glo Brite - top droppers

    Few posts on here have inspired me to tie some wets with a bit of flash in the tail for the top dropper! The most popular floss seems to be glo brite? Will be adding a few different colours to my shopping basket - before I do so.... Any recommendations for patterns, along with the correct...
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    Float Tube Cushion

    Looking for advice if possible. I have a 'Stillwater' Float Tube which I've had for around 6 years. I love using it, but feel like I'm constantly slipping down, almost to the point where I'm lying down in it, and find myself constantly shifting myself back up. Has anyone experience of some...
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    Crow Wings

    Foud a nice pair of crow wings within my box of materials. Any suggestions on what patterns I could tie with them? Cheers Ian