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    Moth I.D.

    Is this a moth and if so anyone know which one please ??
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    Sunray Lines

    Has anybody tried the Sunray Proline ? Lots of good reviews on their site but would still like to hear from folks on here if possible. Thinking of getting a new line.
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    Trout Fisherman Magazine

    Just wondering if anyone had heard anything about the mag closing down after 42 years and going into Trout and Salmon ? !!!!!!!!!! Dave
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    Broken rod tip

    Just broke the top 6 inches of my rod, it was 9 foot 6 inches :omg:. Is it worth trying to get a new tip eye and putting it straight onto the rod and ending up with a 9 footer? How much would this effect the action of the rod ! Cannot get a new tip section. Dave
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    Buittle / Dalbeattie Res.

    Anyone know if this water is open this year. Coming up for my annual rest. It was closed last year and I am hoping it has re-opened. Thanks Dave
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    Thirlmere lake Cumbria

    I shall be around here for a week in June and was wondering if anybody could give me some hints or tips fly wise for this water (Trout ) I know the Southern shore is out of bounds but was just looking for a few days fishing whilst there. Also is a permit still required as well as a liscense...
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    Buittle / Dalbeattie Res.

    Anyone know if Buittle is open to fish again. I am making my annual pilgrimage to Scotland in June and often have a dip here. I read that it had been closed due to fish deaths in Sept. of last year but can find no further info. Cheers Dave
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    Anyone know how the above is fishing. Staing in Cornwall for the hols and fancied giving it a go as I have never fished there before. Cheers Dave
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    A Few Buzzers and something

    First time at posting something I have tied so be gentle.:whistle: Not Buzzers as such I know but hopefully they may fool a fish or two.:rolleyes: Dave
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    Loch Morar

    Well I am up in Midge Country with an iffy Elbow which is easing fast ;) but, is the above Loch worth a go from the shore ? I have a while to go and have driven and looked around the Loch where I can but need to know if it is worth a go with my Left arm or leave well alone. :( :( Cheers Dave
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    Tennis Elbow

    As above. Does anyone have any remedies for this ailment or do I just have to grin and bear it with a lay off from fishing and rest it ???????? :( :( Dave
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    Mossi Deterrent

    We are going to the West coast of Gods own country for six weeks starting in June. Bites galore I know, so what would you reccomend to keep the little blighters off ?? Got Skin So Soft ( should smell nice if nothing else :D ) Are those head nets that fit over a hat worth a go ? Dave
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    Winding Hackles

    I have seen hackles being wound onto the hook from both ends. i.e. from the tip and from the stalk end. Is there a specific reason for this ? Is it stronger to do so from the stalk ? Are the hackles smaller from the tip end, I should think they are. Is this the reason ? Do they form a neater...
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    Rod Rings

    I need 2 new rings for my old trusted rod, it`s nothing special (an old Abu rod) but I like it. :o The rings I need are a tip ring and an intermediate, the problem I have living on the I sle of Wight is that no tackle shop stocks this sort of thing, mainly Carp gear and Sea fishing stuff. So...
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    Feather Id.

    I was given a load of fur and feathers from a house clearance a while back, I think I have named most of them except these two. Are the Red ones some sort of Pheasant dyed or Natural, (Golden perhaps I think ) Are these Guinea Fowl ? Cheers Dave
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    Church Windows

    I have a small zip lock bag of Cock Pheasant Church Windows if anyone wants them. They have had one 30 second blast in the Micro wave. First P.M. gets them, just give me your address. Dave
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    Colliford Res.

    Anyone know how this water is fishing ? I am off this way soon and would like to have a go there. Dave
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    Wher to fish this week-end

    Chalk Springs, Meon Springs or has anybody fished Chiphall lately, every time I pass there it seems to be closed. :confused: or is Moorhen worth a go in this heat. At least Chalk Springs does have the constant water temp from the springs running there. I know I can go to the various sites for...
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    Dumfries/Gallaway Dalbeattie

    Off to the above for three weeks hols soon, ( early June ). Normally go further up, Loch Awe but towing this time and decided not to go to far up for the first time with the caravan. Anyway, any spots to wet a line there, as I say normally go into the hills a little but as this is a new place...
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    Re Forum Down

    Same as you SK cant even open your thread to answer. Dave