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    Youtube videos

    Hi all I'm like a lot on here as in watching YouTube and I've noticed a lot of the videos out on there show a lot of wannabe Steven Spielbergs haven't a clue about fish handling,from blokes fishing highland lochs from boats to guys fishing the smaller rivers and streams,some of the handling of...
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    Best knot

    Best knot for joining two different breaking strains/diameters of line
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    Felt soles

    On a previous post I asked about studs for waders and was told supatrak what I should have asked at the time is are supatraks good in felt soles as in will they stay in or tear out easily because of the felt
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    I recently ordered a few things from lathkill and as usual the service was first class
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    Marc petitjean gallows tool

    Does this actually exist or is it like the holy grail ,I've searched online for one and no joy has anyone got one or does anyone even want one
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    Want a spare spool for a diawa new era fly reel size 3/4
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    Mr Trout

    Just wanted to say thank you to Mr Trout for the furled leaders i ordered a few weeks back I'm very well pleased they are the bees knees I've been using furled leaders for quite a while now and these are the best so any one thinking about trying furled leaders Mr Trout is who I would recommend
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    Nova vice

    There was some discussion on here about the nova vice has anyone any updates or thoughts or just general **** chat regarding these vices
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    Diawa lexa

    Looking a diawa lexa 8/9 3#
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    On ebay bleached beaver and it just made me think where they scared of the bikini wax :eek:
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    wychwood true fly

    Hi all I've one of these rods being delivered this week and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the rod and I do know that what suits one may not suit another but any opinions will be welcome
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    fishing partner

    Hi I'm looking for a fishing partner any where in northern Ireland fishing mainly rivers but lakes and loughs can be tackled too.thanks for reading.Eddie
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    Decent fly tying scissors

    That's not physics that's sods law
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    Decent fly tying scissors

    That's not physics that's sods law
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    info needed

    Can anyone help me with information regarding fishing the river barrow around portarlington
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    greys greyflex m2

    Hi all I'm thinking of buying a greyflwx m2 what's the pros and cons all advice much needed and welcome thanks for your help
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    old newbie

    Hi all I'm from northern ireland I've been fishing for about 50 years but you wouldn't think it to see me cast I've fished for trout salmon pike sea fish my first love has to be rivers and stream for wild brownies I don't know what else to say and most of you will be saying ive said to much already