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    Yet another slurry pollution incident in Wales

    This time the Afon Peris in Llanon:mad:
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    is a landing net necessary?

    Recently got caught out and left my net at home.Sods law.I hooked my biggest rainbow in ages on 4lb leader..Had great fun playing him and landing him.As i was keeping him for the pot I wasn't concerned about bringing him in quickly and returning him.When I do return them I tend to unhook them in...
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    How long do you fish a pool before resting it at night

    Assuming you have a pool to yourself,and you know it contains sea trout,how long do you fish it before,a)moving on or b)resting it. In low water,I tend to stay put(less spooking the fish)have 20 or so casts and rest the pool(no wading or moving about).The amount of times I have a pluck or a...
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    Fritz bibio

    I wonder if any of you gentlemen flytyers could help me.Around 15 years ago,I bought(cant remember where) some fritz bibio flies size 10 and 12.I found them extremely good during the coch y bonddu hatches,usually outfishing known coch patterns.I've searched the mail order fly companies to no...
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    Arthur Price

    Hi, Can anyone tell me anything about Arthur Price Junior, Fishing Tackle,11 Hockley Hill,Birmingham 18. I 've googled him and found nothing.Wondered if anyone could tell me when this firm traded. Many thanks Mike
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    E.f.barlow,thames ditton rod

    Hi, picked up a rod today called "The Vortex" by E.F.BARLOW.THAMES DITTON.I've not heard this name before and wondered if anyone knew anything about this maker.It appears to be a hollow glass pike/carp rod so maybe clutching at straws on a fly forum,but I know you guys are a mine of info. Cheers
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    Wondered if anyone could identify this centerpin.No markings.Diameter 5 1/8" Cheers
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    Westley Richards Salmox reel

    I've just aquired a 1949 Westley Rchards catalogue which advertises a 4" Salmox reel.It's described as the successor to the Rolo and the design is the same but with slight alterations to the braking mechanism.The picture is identical to the Rolo but the handles are black whereas the brake lever...
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    clarks forum

    Not been on tackle forums for a bit and been trying to get on Clarks but keep getting told the page doesn.t exist.Wondered if anyone on here knew anything.Was on there at chrimbo.Cheers
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    Unusual red agate reel

    Wondered if anyone out there could tell me anything about this reel.It is 3 1/8" diameter and is engraved "NORIS D.R.W.Z."Is this the same same Noris as in noris shakespeare?As far as I can find out the DRWZ is a German export firm.Tried getting inside but after taking out spool screw got...
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    North Wales fishing booklets

    Hi, Wondered if anyone knew of any old fishing booklets about North Wales.I know about the Pritchard one from 1870.There seems to be a few from Merioneth(pictured)but struggling for the rest of North Wales. Can anyone out there help? Cheers Mike
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    Alex Taylor,New York

    Can anyone tell me anything about Alex Taylor,New York.My mate has a 4 1/4" Dingley "perfect" type reel(with a chunk missing from the rim)stamped with this name and also made in England on it and D1 inside.It has 1 stamped on both sides of the foot and twin perforated concentric circles with...
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    Westley Richards reels

    Hi,was compiling a list of Westley Richards reels and wondered if anyone knew of any reels stamped W.R. other than the ones listed below ROLO MAGPIE GLEN LEO GLAISDALE BOURNBROOK IDEAL CENTABRAKE REGAL REGENT NOVA SURF REEL Thanks in advance