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    I've the Black Star in a 4wt, nice rod for the money.
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    Fish ID - Pollack, Coal Fish or other?

    Pollack, Curved lateral line, browner than a coalie which are bluey green and large eyes.
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    Click the dollar sign, then scroll down to pick your currency.
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    Storing rods in the attic

    So that is where you keep your hidden stash of rods then Paul. :)
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    Storing rods in the attic

    Yes, it's the heat that concerns me.
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    Storing rods in the attic

    I was thinking that high temperatures in the attic could soften, weaken resins etc.
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    Storing rods in the attic

    We've just downsized and I'm stuck for space. Anyone store their rods in the attic. Just wondering if the big temperature differences have an effect on rods.
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    River GWILI - Pollution

    I missed that one. Was it upstream? It was only a few months ago we had milk spilt into the Gwili. Noticed a few fishing parked up at Abergwili bridge last week after the rains.
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    Sea Trout VS Barbel

    And if they grew to a decent size...............garfish.
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    Thinking about Tenkara...

    You might like this one too.
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    Poaching fines

    There used to be a monster in a field on one of the Teifi beats. o_O
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    New angler, send help!

    There's a lot of Maxcatch users on here who like the gear. I've one of their "more expensive" rods and it's ok . The line are very good value. Check out the Maxcatch thread in the tackle section. Have you looked at Maxcatch's own website, you might find other combo's cheaper there. If you...
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    Salmon and Trout in the Thames

    Juvenile trout have an orange adipose fin, more likely to be a parr.
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    Thinking about Tenkara...

    What do you lock your bike to? I've seven miles of cycle track opposite my house which follows my clubs river, but I'm a bit wary about leaving the bike unattended on a track when I climb down to the river. Even locked to a tree bike parts could disappear.
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    Thinking about Tenkara...

    This is the type of water I fish Tenkara. Pocket water, rocks, boulders, not so easy to cast and quite fast water. Fishing Tenkara in these waters allows me to keep the line off the water.
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    Hello from Northumberland

    You certainly get around Paul. :)
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    Hello from Northumberland

    Welcome, It must be well over 50 year ago!! (That's giving my age away) that I fished Wylam and Ryton for dace and anything else that showed up as a bairn with my uncle. It must be a lot cleaner now. :)
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    Tasty looking pools

    A spring day on my club water
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    Canyoneering Boots for Wading

    Perhaps the Vision boots are not so good these days. I've had mine for about nine years now, not pricey ones they came with my Vision waders. The soles have come unstuck a couple of times, but I've just glued them back on. Also use them for sea fishing too and they are still ok and they have...
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    Thinking about Tenkara...

    For the swivel I think you might have meant the rolling lillian. I've never used them or had trouble with line twist. Somehow a rotating lillian is not really traditional.