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  1. tangled

    Rod tip snap

  2. tangled

    Rod tip snap

    Depends how close to the tip it broke off - if a few inches remove the tip ring (heat), and glue onto remaining section. Usually makes little to no difference.
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    Test Curves and Vectors; Any Mathematicians Out There?

    As with most things in fly fishing, it's better to have a near-subjective, mystical approach to equipment that are essentially engineering components, than produce anything that could provide a useful and objective comparison. If you haven't already seen it, you might find this interesting...
  4. tangled

    Are there any guidelines for the best day to go lake fishing?

    I doubt that there will be any good time to fish a small stillwater in the South East on Friday. Average temperatures have been high for several weeks and will be warming up even more this week as daily temperatures rise to 30C on Friday. Bodies of water warm slowly and lose heat slowly...
  5. tangled

    Are there any guidelines for the best day to go lake fishing?

    If you fish small, stocked, C&R, stillwaters in high summer you're going to struggle, particularly in the south. Water temperatures and everything that goes with it does for it. We're misled by the magazines and the photo of success. Sometimes catching a trout is impossible and we need to...
  6. tangled

    Tough day on drys

    I'm sure fish can see the leader whether it's sunk or floating. Just like they can see the bloody great hook in the fly. For sure, it's less obvious sunk and thin, than floating and fat, but I'm convinced they see it. They obviously have excellent vision for their foodstuff - a few million...
  7. tangled

    Greys GR 60

    I have accidentally used my #7 weight rod with a #5 weight line - took the wrong rod to the lake. It worked and I fished with it all day but it wasn't something I'd want to do again. It actually quite likes an #8. If it's not too late to return it I would, otherwise try it.
  8. tangled

    Tough day on drys

    Fishing small C&R waters becomes progressively harder as the season goes on. Looking at our catch returns, blanks at this time of year are very common. I think it's a combination of increasingly educated fish and increasing water temperature - the fish just can't be arsed. Plus, as the...
  9. tangled

    Greys GR 60

    There is one downside - a guide took a look at it and said "Ah, Greys. Cheap Hardy" and sniffed. But he then performed all sorts of circus tricks with it and effortlessly cast it to the backing (something I've yet to accomplish), so I know that the rod is better than I am.
  10. tangled

    Greys GR 60

    I'd say it was medium fast - that's what Gary Evans sold it as. I have the #5 and the #7. The #7 is particularly powerful - I use it for salmon. They are pretty light - the 9' #5 is 3.2oz.
  11. tangled

    Greys GR 60

    Rumour has it that the gr60 is the same blank as the gr50. If so, it'll be a good rod.
  12. tangled

    Rod repairs

    If you just broke the tip off and you still have it, all you need do is heat it up to loosen the glue in it and pull the broken piece out. You just then roughen up the tip of the rod and areldite the ring back on. I'm still using a rod I did that to 6 years later.
  13. tangled

    Does humidity effect tippet?

    That diameter line can't sink unaided. It would have to be dragged down by a heavy fly or helped by being degreased regularly. You may have noticed if it was very calm? Curling sounds like static - but that's normally dry weather. Any lightning about? Wearing nylon?
  14. tangled

    Understanding Mono

    You don't need any, you already have the Maxima result. Just test your Stroft and anything else you have.
  15. tangled

    Line snips.

    Wait for Christmas, I get three every year from Christmas crackers.
  16. tangled

    Understanding Mono

    It seems to me we're in danger of getting a few things confused here. It's the angle that the line makes at the rod tip that matters and it's only partially, if anything, about leverage. We all know that if you need to pull for a break you have to point the rod directly down the line so that...
  17. tangled

    When that beautifully presented fly is not good enough!

    Sounds like it was the movement rather than the fly that worked there. I had a similar thing happen in a big buzzer hatch years ago in Essex, couldn't touch anything with buzzer imitations neither floating nor sub-surface. So I did something ungentlemanly that I'd read about and put on a white...
  18. tangled

    Day 5

    If we're allowed to only change one thing it would be your flies. Go much smaller and much drabber - a tiny, sparse black fly will catch a brown trout anywhere in the world :cool:. My favourite fly is nothing more than black floss and a single turn of black hen's feather on an 18 hook. I catch...
  19. tangled

    Anyone fish streamers for salmon?

    I've never heard that about sunrays, I always considered them the most imitative fly in my box.