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    Flies for Alaska

    Hi there looking for a bit of help my cousin is going to Alaska grayling fishing on the alagnak river want to tie him a few flies dry and nymphs if any one can help with types or size it would be great . Cheers Kevin.
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    Hi visiting Tobago in Nov any body know if it worth a cast off the beach with some lures. Or is it worth hiring a boat for some off shore fishing. Many thanks in advance Kevin.
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    Hi all I am going to Mauritius for a holiday with my wife hoping to be tempted to fish for yellow fin tuna, does anyone have any info on the fishing there at sea or inland, would be interested to hear, many thanks in advance Kevin.
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    river Dee

    Looking to fish the river Dee in a couple of weeks, could anyone advise on the best day ticket stretch between Llangollen or Corwen, the other option is Bryn Selwyn PA stretch. Thanks in advance Kevin.
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    Hot Spots

    Hi there, just thought I would ask what is your favourite material for hot spots when tying your nymphs. Many thanks Kevin.
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    snow shoe

    Could anyone point me to a supplier who sells snowshoe dubbing please many thanks in advance.
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    River San

    Hi Guys, Has anyone fished the river San in Poland this year, if so how is it fishing many thanks for any info.
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    Hi Guys, Thinking of making an independent trip to fish in Croatia can anyone recommend a good guide. Have got the info on the kuppa lodge just looking to see our options. Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Weighted flies

    Hi guys, I would like to hear your thoughts on weighted flies I have been river fishing for around 10 years, had lessons throughout these years and my heaviest flies have been around 3m tungsten, but recently noticed while out on the river people using much more than this in...
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    river Wye Bakewell

    Hi can anyone tell me how this river is fishing fancy a treat, but a colleague I see now and again said it had not fished well so far this season.
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    C d c

    Can you please tell me your thoughts on trimming the tops of cdc patterns, I was told when learning to tie, that you must not trim cdc ,ie on olive patterns but recent you tube programs I have seen the Italian tyer cutting his flies back. cheers
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    snow shoe

    Can anyone recommend a supplier for Snow Shoe. please
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    The cold weather still has not arrived, so the grayling are not shoaled up, so what happens if the weather stays mild, will they shoal up before they spawn or just carry on and pair up prior to spawning. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this.
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    River Levels

    Could anyone advise me on the right water level for grayling fishing on the river Calder in the Sowerby Bridge area. Many Thanks Kevin
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    River Colne and Holme in Yorkshire

    Hi Guys, Has anyone got any the names of any fishing clubs on these waters or general information on the rivers. cheers Kevin
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    Halifax and Ryburn

    Hi All, I live in the Manchester area and have been thinking of joining this club as I work in the area can anyone tell me if the membership is open and does it run from June to June or January to January. I am looking to fish for Grayling is this the best club or are their any others on...
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    Duo Fishing

    What are your thoughts or ideas when fishing the duo do you attach your dry fly on a dropper then your nymph below or tie your dry to your main line and attach your nymph to the shank of the dry you wondering which you find the best cheers